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January 12, 2010


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These 'eggs' are cute!
But all your lines are beautiful, so I didn't expect anything else!

Jennifer K

Another cute line! I can't wait to use some of that.

Wendy Schoonhoven

And yes! You managed to present another great new line...Still can't figure out how you come up with those cute designs...But sure would love to get my hands on it,LOL. TFS, hugs, Wendy.

Erika M

I think this is my favorite line yet - adorable, cute, lovely!


This line is soooo cute!! love it.


Just adorable!

Jodi Geers

So adorable! I just love the little chicks in their shell, super sweet!


ADORABLE!!! I just love the new line!!!


Egg drop is on the menu for lunch today!

Janine R.

Oh my! So adorable! Kudos to your line designers!


Super cute! I really LOVE that umbrella paper! I'm already thinking about photos I should capture in the Spring!


they keep getting better and better!! too cute!


ooh those bunny's!! love the colors to!! I always enjoy the soup!!


Super Cute..great job on the designs Jill!!
love it as always :-)


Those little chickies are so cute.


What a great collection. Love the colors!!!!

Nicole K

This is the perfect spring line. It's got everything--cute animals, umbrellas (that are FANTASTIC)...The colors are so nice, too!


oh this so superduper cute!!! love the colours and the designs!!

Lillian Child

Eggscellent!! I'm a closet farmer and those little chickadees just make me smile out loud. Would dearly LOVE to have this set to create with.


Love this eastern line. So cute the little chickens and the bunnies. Love the colours the pink, yellow and blue.


This is very pretty, love the chicks and the bright colors!! Whoohooo!


oh, i think your small-scale patterns are just great!! and the chicks and bunnies are adorable

Cassie Wiscarson

I love everything about this line! Super cute! I can't wait to get my hands on some!


Love the bright fun colours! And it's still very Jillibean! Love it!

Janet Zeppa

I so love this!!! I want some now!

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