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July 02, 2010


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Kate Anne

It's Winter here in Aussie Land.. Can't wait for Summer, looking forward to more play time outside - sun, water, sand!!!


This summer I have my 4-year-old at home with me - a first!


I am also from Australia and as it is winter here, our plans are to snuggle, watch dvd's and have lots of indoor fun during the school break. However summer will not be too far away and our plans are to enjoy the longer days,lazy nights and outdoor sunshine and hopefully it will include lots of swimming and beach time.


Our summer plans consist of mornings on the front porch swing, afternoons on the lake, back yard bbq's in the evenings and weekends browsing antique shops and flea markets.....love summmers!


I'll be biking, kayaking, golfing, swimming, going to outdoor concerts, sporting events, and fairs! Erie, PA's outdoor weather only lasts the months of summer, so my family tries to soak it all in while we can!!!

Crossing my fingers...

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I read that interview! Very cool! I'm a glorified taxi this summer! My daughter has summer school and marching band pretty much every day! We will get ten days without anything to do, and we're still trying to figure out WHAT we'll be doing! On the weekends though, we love to grill, hang out by the firepit, and just relax!! :) Happy 4th!


So far my summer has been filled with baseball---my son's birthday is the 4th---party time, then we've got a fun filled week of vacation planned before school starts back in August

Victoria S.

Oh i LOVE the colors in this kit! -it is so ME! We are getting ready to drive to Buffalo for my husband's annual family reunion. We are exctied to see cousins and swim and hang out with family.


Right now my summer plans are having my sister come and visit me. We are more spur of the moment people and always have something pop up in the summer... usually a trip to the beach with friends!!!


My summer plans are to go camping and fishing with the kids and tending to our well neglected garden. Also we've planned a few trips to the lake for some swimming. With 4 kids,its hard to get everyone in one place sometimes, and it'll be nice to just spend some time relaxing!

Michele K

Your not kidding, that is a fab kit! My summer plans include little league baseball (love it) and the beach!


No special plans here. We moved recently, so there's no money left to go on holiday. So I guess I will be reading on my balcony and scrapping a lot, which isn't bad at all!

N3 Design

Love the give-a-way! We live on a farm in Michigan's U.P. and summer is always a busy time. We are looking forward to some time away in Il to attend a friends son's wedding!


Backyard love at our house, friends and family, good food, ambiance with the tropical setting, eg hibiscus, palm trees the turquoise pool, the bar cabana, all this in the middle of WI! :)


fabulous kit !
this summer i'm going to Portugal...


in august, i'm going to the beach with my 2 kids, having fun and enjoy the summer

Frances A. Sylvia

Simply, hanging out with my kiddos by the pool! With 4 kids under the age of 8, this has proven to be the most relaxing. Thanks for the chance!!


This kit is crazy, so beautiful
I didn't have planes for this summer, but stay with my kids and go to the park probably.

Vitoria B

Love those bright colors ! and all the embellishments...
This summer : see all my family and enjoy the sun

Cassie W

That kit looks like so much fun to play with!!
This summer we have some family time, a trip to the beach and my husband will start his third year long deployment.

Tina Phillips

My kids and I are enjoying our lazy summer!! We are planning on many mini staycations, just visiting things in our own neck of the woods that we have never paid attention to before and finding things in our own backyard that we never knew existed! FUN!!

La zaz

Looking forward to play with the boys and have some fun together and relax!

Jessica (Kissin' Krafts)

Big summer plans are to visit family. Taking my daughter to meet her great-grandmother for the first time!

Andi Sexton

Our biggest plans are a week long trip to my sister's place near ST. Louis MO.. I have not seen her in, 5 years! I can't wait! We are in Eastern Oregon...

Tessa Buys

I'm especially excited for the 4th of July this weekend. I love the small town parades, fireworks show, picnics and barbecues. Visiting family at the end of summer is going to be a highlight, too :).

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