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March 25, 2011


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Julie Bonner

That mini looks adorable!!!

Debbie C

The mini books looks cute, can't wait to see more. Enjoy your crafting weekend

Becky Williams

Very cute mini! Now I am getting nervous...

mary pat

looks like an awesome mini album!


absolute adorable mini!!! I wish I was close enough to take the class!!


adorable mini album!! i canĀ“t wait to see who makes the team!

Stephanie Klauck

Love that mini Jill!
And thanks for the DT update.....so excited for next week! :-)

Sheri Feypel

super cute mini album! can't wait to hear who is choosen for the new design team!

Sarah Eclavea

Adorable mini! I love the chilled strawberry soup line!

Laura Achilles

Super cute mini!!!! The waiting continues! I can't wait to see who makes the team!!!!

Angela Gutshall

Love the details of this mini album!


Thank you for the update! Looking forward to hearing from you!!


That mini is cute!!! I would like to be close enough to take the class !

debbie susee

Love that flowered paper on the front of your mini!

Kathy Hoffman Floen

What an adorable MINI! :) I am excited to see who makes it. :)


Eeek....that is one CA-ute mini! Wish I was close enough to come scrap with ya.

Thanks for the DT update. Can't wait to see who makes the cut. :)

Susan Dupre

Super cute Jill! Your craft paper is just perfect to use when making those paper bag minis. Wished I thought of that! :)


Hi Jill,
Oh that mini looks so cute. Love the papers. Love them.

Cherie Nymeyer

Oh my goodness...that paper looks amazing with a paperbag!!! I'm going to have to make one of those!


Love the mini album! Super cute!

Thanks for the DT update! I know the team will be amazing! Best of luck to us all! :)

Annette a.

I am so in LOVE with the this great collection. I can't get over how cute the strawberry paper is....I LOVE this album. I so wish I lived closer to attend all the cool classes.


awesome book...can't wait to hear made it to the design team...oH! see ya in Kitchener

Becky Elliott

Oh how I wish I could come!! I'll be flying home from SC that day, and I'll miss this cool event!!! Will I be able to buy a kit and make this at home??!!

Sheri Feypel

i'm all signed up for the class! can't wait!!!

Carolyn king

That mini album looks fabulous!! Would love to see pictures of the whole thing:)

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