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July 13, 2011


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Amanda J

Oh My Goodness!! I LOVE this!! Soo cute!! I met the love of my life when he bought my car! :) I had an older camaro that my uncle had given me...I of course wanted a more "girly" car (to me that thing was way too long!) so some mutal friends introduced us, he bought the car, asked me on a date, and we just celebrated our 8th anniversary! (AND we still have that camaro, which I now LOVE :))

Abby Laubenstein

So very sweet and cute!! Love this!! I met the love of my life when he was placed in my arms 12 years ago. I'm a single gal :) and my love has always been and will always be my son. :)

Love those boxer shorts! lol

Stephanie muzzulin

Omg how sweet is this love it!!!

Karen B.

What a fabulous mini line! Great colors on the kraft. I met the love of my life at a wedding, I accidentally bumped into him while dancing and said sorry-then he replied "if you are sorry you'll dance with me later."

Karen C.

WOW! Loving these papers! I met the love of my life 18 years ago when we were in graduate school together. I told my mom the day I met him that I was going to chase him until he caught me - and he did. :)

emily stovall

MY FAVORITE -- I love this line - kraft is always good -- this is awesome !!


Lovely line !
I meet my hubby at work ;-)


love this!! Im getting all lovey dovey for this one :)

Kirsten B

I LOVE this line!
Met the Man at school!

Christina MacLaren

This is my favorite introduction so far! Love the kraft lines! I met my hubby in a pick-up basketball game. True story.

cindy wolfe

Love Love Love this paper!!!! I met my love in high school science class. He sat behind me and threw paper balls at me until I payed attention to him!!!

Rachel Hawkins

LOVE this line! I met the love of my life at a college football game. We attended the same college and had the same group of friends but never met while in school. After we had graduated we bought season tickets and ended up sitting next to each other for an entire season. We have been married for almost 2 months now and it is wonderful!

Christa S

What a really cute line! I met my hubby working at a bank. He was transferred to my location and we became good friends. Eventually he asked me out and we've been together every since.

La Zaz

i adore kraft, and woodgrain...

Vitoria B

My husband an i met in a french restaurant.

Sylvie :)

So cheerful !! I met my husband at job, we are both nurses :)

Judy T

Yeah! A little frog is back. I love the fresh mushrooms. My husband was moving into his apartment and my roommate and I borrowed a screw driver from him to put a cart together!:)


I can't decide which collection I like the best! Every time I see a new one, I think this is it. Geez! I met my hubby right in the neighborhood where we grew up. I was 15 and he was 16. Childhood sweethearts :)

Karen Nuce


Jennifer Roach

Ohhh I LOVE this too! My hubby and I met on an internet dating website. The only reason we met is bc I clicked on "who's online". It was all just meant to be. We've been together 10 years this September :)

Milissa M.

This looks like such a fun line! I met my husband at brother's wedding 19 years ago!

Erin Noll

aww so CUTE!!! I met the love of my life on a blind date set up by my mother and her friend. We're celebrating our 1st wedding anniveray July 16th!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Ack . . . I love those boxer shorts! Love kraft, this is FAB!! I met my husband through my girlfriend Kathy. We had our first date the day after her wedding, she had no idea, and by the time she got back from her honeymoon, we were seriously dating!! ♥

Monika Wright

lucky enough to have met Mr. wRight through work {his co-worker told him he should stop by and meet the cute girl - me!} and we've been married 13 years now!

Annette A.

Wow you guys are so awesome... This is why you are my favorite. This collection is absolutely adorable. It is just so darn cute...

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