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September 19, 2012


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Take your time :)... Thinking of everyone!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Thanks for the update. ;)

Alexandra Boehnke

No problem! We have time!


i hope everything is okay!

Sharm Nidyanandan

Condolences to Kimber and family on the passing of her step dad and hope everything turns out better for the js team...take care!

Mendi Yoshikawa

I'm sorry... Now that I know what has happended I feel like my response wasn't enough... My prayers are with Kimber and her family.

Corri Garza

Thanks for the update. Prayers for Kimber's family.

liz aka javagirl

Prayer and Thoughts at this very sad time.


Big hugs and thanks for the update :)

Melissa Elsner

Thank you for the update but, more importantly, sending good thoughts and prayers to Kimber and her family! :o(

Annette Allen

Thanks for the update

Bev Code

Thanks for the update.. and sending thoughts and prayers through this sad time.


Hugs and don't worry We can wait!!! Fingers super crossed


Hugs and positive thoughts for everyone! Family is more important at times like this.

Jules Hollis

My heart and prayers go out to Kimber and her family.

Toni From

Thank you for the update. Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones, we totally understand the delay.

Karen Nuce

Sorry for all the rough times! The new DT list will be worth waiting to see and will be something fun to look foward too. Hang in there Jill & Kimber...love you both!

Lisa P

Very sad news. The delay of an announcement is really such a small thing in the light of the circumstances. Praying for all who are hurting tonight over this loss.

leeann Pearce

Take all the time in the world... many prayers sent your way ladies.

Danielle de Konink

Take all the time you need! My thoughts are with Kimber and her family!! hugs

Ruth G

Praying for peace and comfort for the family.

Kathy Martin



Thanks for the update. Praying for Kimber and her family at this difficult time.
So glad all is ok after the accident as well.
HUGS to all!


Oh my... No worries about the delay. Just sending prayers and hugs to Kimber and her family...

Lisa Spiegel

Thoughts and prayers with you all!

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