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November 16, 2012


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Becky Williams

Wow! This is big news. I am wishing you all the very best and can't wait to see what comes next for Jillibean. ♥


Super exciting for everyone.... especially the new innovative products.... hehehe! can't wait!

Keren Baker

New products- and the quality of Hampton Art too- sounds like a perfect match. Hope the transition goes smoothly. Does this mean more stamps?!!

kimber mcgray

So very excited for this! So happy you will get more time for the creative end and Hampton Art is a great company to work with!

Melinda Spinks

Congratulations on the new and exciting venture... here's to the future. :)


Wow! Awesome news! Congrats!

Cindy Wolfe

Congrats to Jill !!! I will look forward to seeing what Jillbean creates in the future!!!Always following you :)

Pelly Roja

Very big news! With this venture, you'll be able to focus on the designs that made us all fall in love with JilliBean Soup. I can't wait to see the new papers, stamps, and products you come up with! Congratulations!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

Congratulations!!! :)


congrats.. and good luck with your new adventure

Denise Mackey

This is very exciting! I love Jillibean and Hampton Art!

Jennifer Edwardson

HUGE congratulations to you Jill and your team !!! We LOVE Jillibean and can't wait to see all you have in store for us :))))

Karen Nuce

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Jill is so extremely creative and I cannot imagine what she will come up with now that she will have less administrative duties and more time to "play"....I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. It is so very exciting to watch Jillibean grow over time and become a MAJOR brand in the craft world!!! I am so proud of you, Jill!

Laurel S

This is so awesome, congratulations to you Jill!

Mel Blackburn

So very happy for you Jill! Looking forward to seeing what's ahead for Jillibean Soup. TFL!


HUGE congratulations!!! So very excited to see the products you will design with Hampton, sooooo excited for jillibean

Laura T.

Congrats!!! 2 great companies combined? Bring on the awesomeness!


Congratulations, Jillibean!!! Sounds like lots of fun will be in store for us all - can't wait!

Lisa P

Sounds like a great thing :)

Jules Hollis

Huge Congrats!!

Cari Locken

Congratulations to you both!!! What a great team!!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Congratulations! Excited to see what the future holds. I'm selfishly hoping you'll continue to produce your great quality "made in the USA" stamps. ;)

Cheryl Caldwell-Nyboer


renee m

Congratulations! :)

Dorina D

WOW! Congratulations! Can't wait to see you what you all come up with.!

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