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February 22, 2013


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Great I would love to win!

Tami B

I don't have a clue what the new release might be but I'm sure it will be fabulous!


Something fun & colorful!


Maybe something related o grandfathers.....you do have a grandma line!!!!!!
Whatever it is, I am sure I will love it!

Marsha Sims

Sure hope it's something to do with warm weather!! I would love to win!!!

Angela a

Maybe some fun May flowers or Spring showrers collections.? I am ready to move on from the snow! :)


I have no clue either... Maybe something with jars again! Maybe? Can't wait to see what it is!! :)

Tammy Jones

I'm sure your new release will be something awesome that I will have to have!

Lisa Jamerson

I am guessing a summer line. Chilled Gazpacho? Can't remember previous names. You have been so successful with your previous lines. The card kit looks gorgeous.

Dana C

Something bright and springy and beautiful I'm sure!

liz schaefer

Cant wait to see have no clue just that its always awesome

Alessandra Cristobal

I think something about the candy!!!
I'm sure it will be wonderful!
Thank you for the opportunity :D


No clue, but I hope it's bright and cheerful to help with these winter blahs! Thanks for the chance to win!

Bailey G.

Something for spring?!?! So excited to see it!

Casey Britton

Not sure about your new release, but im sure it will be fabulous!!

Pam Spradlin

I am thinking that the new release will be something springy that could double as Mother's day or birthdays.
Whatever it is I am sure that it will find its way into my stash.


Something bright and colorful!

Lisa in Texas

My guess is it will be a spring line and I hope it includes something to do with the new chalkboard trend I am seeing, love that look and love anything Jillibean Soup!

Samantha Slaughter

I think it would be springy and bright, love Jillibean!!!!

Beth E.

Bright and colorful? A family theme would be nice. =)

Jan  C.

My guess is something relating to mother's and fathers.

Debbie Cutelli

Maybe something to do with Spring and Moher's Day

Cheryl Proctor

A great excuse to buy more Jillibean! Yeah!!!

Julie A. Shearer

I would so love to win . I think the new release will be fun and fresh . Other than that ...no clue . All I know is, I love every collection JilliBean puts out ! So thank you so much for a chance to win.


oh i would love to win!!
your mid season release will be something bright and cheery and i know i am going to love it- teehheee

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