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Layout-sarah-Double Trouble (small)
Layout-sarah-Spring (small)
Card-sarah-Two for the Price of One Cards (small)
Card-sarah-It's Your Birthday (small)
Layout-sarah Snow Day (small)
Layout-sarah Little Miss Sunshine (small)
Card-sarah-Birthday Card and Present Boxes (small)
Birthday (small)
Project-sarah Jillibean Soup coasters (small)
Joy - small
Inside both cards - small
Happy Holidays - small
Layout-sarah-Craig's List
Project-sarah-September - October
Project-sarah-July - August
Project-sarah-May - June
Project-sarah-Remember 2010 (cover)
Project-sarah-January - February
Project-sarah-March - April
Layout-sarah-Summer Pup
Layout-sarah We Love Our Girl Sorella (small)
Project-sarah Jillibean Soup Dog Leash and Collar
Card-sarah Boo to You (small)
Layout-sarah Flying Fish (small)-1
Card-sarah Friendship Cards (small)
Project-sarah Boo! (small)
Layout-sarah Grade 3 (small)
Layout-sarah New Puppy Love (small)
Layout-sarah Kindergarten Grad (small)
Layout-sarah What Joy (small)
Layout-sarah at the beach (small)
Card-sarah Merry Christmoose card (small)
Card-sarah Hop your day rocks (small)
Card-sarah Sorry I was Crabby (small)
Card-sarah Birthday Card (small)
Card-sarah Super Dad (small)
Card-sarah 2010 - It's Your Day (small)
Layout-sarah Rock Star Bride (small)
Layout-sarah Pete (small)
Card-sarah Ice Cream Party Invitations (small)
Card-sarah Spring has Sprung
Layout-sarah Canuckle Head - small
Project-sarah Seasonal Fridge Magnets small
Layout-sarah Traffic Jam (small)
Card-sarah Birds of a feather (small)
Layout-sarah Family Day (small)
Card-laura Oink (small)