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Album-Valerie Mangan-Everyday You
Card-Valerie-Life's A Stitch
Card-Valerie-Cute As A Button
LO-Valerie-Elvis Sighting
LO-Valerie-Seaside Heights
The Good Stuff-Valerie
Merry Christmas Card-Valerie
Project-Valerie-Beautiful Day
Project-Valerie-Day to Remember Keepsake
Project-Valerie-Sending Hugs front
Valerie-b is for birthday card
Valerie-Jack of All Trades Card
LO-Valerie-Dumbo Cam
VManganHelloSushine card
Valerie-Hello Friend Card
Valerie April M and C
Valerie April Valentines Day
Valerie April Sketch Card
LO-Valerie-Worth Every Minute
Easter Fact - Valerie
Note To Self - Valerie
Hello Sunshine card - Val
Valerie-Play Ball
Valerie-about bats
Valerie not all who wander layout
Valerie Asheville layout
Val summer vacation card
Val you're a trip card
Valerie-Hello There Card
Valerie M August Sketch Card
Valerie M August Joy Ride
Valerie M August Family Circus
Valerie Lands End LO
Valerie New Favorite LO
Valerie Lifes a Stitch card
LO-Val-Another Epic Moment
LO-Val-Happy Trails
Val-Thinking of You Card
Val Hi Sunshin Card Nov 2013
Val No So Scary layout Nov 2013
Val First 10k layout Nov 2013
Val Dec Keep Calm
Val Dec Summer Days
Valerie-love this city
Valerie-love this layout
Valerie-go see do card
Val CHA fly layout