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May 15, 2009


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my secret : how to make the best cheesecake in the world....

thanks for the chance

Denise c.

my secret: how to spend your husband's money on scrapbooking supplies without him having a clue....



my secret: I cut and rip price tags off all my scrappin' stuff so my husband has no clue as to how much this all costs. It's better this way!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Julie Campbell

My secret: I'm secretly working on a book called 'Stamping Secrets'. I told Kimber about it, but she didn't think it would be a hot seller. ;)

In all seriousness - CONGRATS, Kimber on your amazing new book! That's awesome!!!


I have a secret stash of chocolate only I know about!--well, where it is anyway....


My secret: Is how to get an airlock out of your fuel pump. A life saving on the farm but not much help in scrapbooking!!!

That is why your book is so great!!


My secret: A stash of chocolate at the back of the cupboard where the rest of the family can't see it! :)


My secret - I have conversations with myself in my head all the time.


My secret is organization, I like to keep my new stuff front and center so I don't forget about it!

Congrats Regs... you rocked this sketch!


My secret: I keep a journal--It will be a gift to my son one day.

Candice Warnke

If I tell you then it's not a secret :) LOL!


My secret - my guilty pleasures are reality TV competition shows on Bravo - Top Chef, Project Runway (now it's on Lifetime!), Top Design. I could never cook, sew, or design like these people, but I sure love watching them do these things! (I clear out my DVR when my hubby isn't home! ;) )

Jill Sarginson

My secret ... hmmm ... my secret is that I totally am addicted to peanut m&m's even though I'll say I am not!


My secret is the length of my wish list for crafty supplies. It's way too long.


My secret: I color code my clothes in my closet.

Tami Mayberry

I secretly stalk Kimber

but we'll keep that as our little secret, k? ;)

Whitney O'Bryan

My secret is buying scrap supplies without my husband finding out how much I have spent!


i have a big box of supplies coming today that i have to scurry to put away before DH comes home!

Anita Young

My secret - I'm addicted to all matter of scrapbook media - books, magazines, blogs- you name it :)

Conrats, Kimber on your book - it looks wonderful!!!

Tarren Young

Hm, almost everybody I know knows that I'm a Spongebob addict, and I'm 26 years old! So that's not much of a secret. I would have to say that my daughter who is now 10 months old, loves blues clues, and I think I was maybe 15 the summer it previewed on NICK JR. and I loved it then even! Of course, now the show doesn't run anymore. So, yes, at 26 years old, I'm a cartoon addict.


I am secretly addicted to a certain soap opera that I have to watch every day!

jen shears

My secret- I've recently become RE-addicted to stamp & scrapbook goodies- but I'm tryin' to down-play it to my husband! :)

scrapper al

A secret? But if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore! ;)


my secret : I eat chocolate every evening... in my bed !!! with a good book


I'm a secret girl, so I never told any secret to anyone !!!! thanks for the chance

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