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June 26, 2009


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Taking a guess here...Kimber McGray!


I am not quite sure if I am suppose to leave a message here that I found the EMBLEM...but anyhoo...I had a great time reading all the blogs..THANKS

Patter Cross

That was fun, and my plan of finding the right blog didn't work out like I thought. LOL! Anyway, I didn't leave a post because goodness knows I don't need more stuff at my house. I pray the winner enjoys it. It looks like an awesome prize!


Found the emblem on Kimber McGray's blog! Thanks for the Bean Chase!


found it--- it's KIMBER McGRAY!

Tara Orr

Just found it on Kimber McGray's blog... Is it the first who finds it though? Oh pooh!


bean chase is such fun!

Jackie W.

I found the logo on Kimber's site! Love her project there. Thanks for the chance to win!


Oh that was a lot of fun find Bean Chase emblem.


Kimber McGray :)

C Trimble

I'm thinking it's Kimber McGray. What a cool last name!


I left a comment on Kimber's blog....

susan bourgeois

I left a comment on the Dt members blog too. Wasn't sure where to leave it!

Janet Zeppa

I found it and left a comment.

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