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August 14, 2009


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I found it, I found it!!
Its at Lauras blog: http://www.lauravegas.typepad.com/

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!


yep..it's Laura..love her work!


It is Laura! I adore her work too!!! She is amazing, and I love her style!

Connie C

Laura Vegas-love her blog!

Julie Riley

It's Laura. Totally see how the "at least three rulers" come into her layouts. Very liner - very classic! Love them.


Laura Vegas is one of my favorites!


I found it too, it´s Laura


Found it! here! http://www.lauravegas.typepad.com/

woot woot

Erika Hyde

It's Laura! I LOVE her blog. Check it every day! :-)


It's Laura! Loved looking around her blog. She has some great layouts.

Melanie C

This was fun! It's Laura.


Fun game. Thanks girls!!

Jennifer Hansen

Laura Vegas!

Katie Haymore

I found her...it is Laura....fun and amazing style!


It's Laura... I left a comment on her blog... thanks for the chance to win!

Melanie Blackburn

Love Laura's work!!! YAY! This is fun!!!


Laura Vegas - and I absolutely love her work and design! She is an awesome scrapper!


It's the wonderful Laura Vegas!

Monica B

Is it Laura?

Annelie Maddock

It's the lovely Laura, who's class I'm taking at a retreat in New Zealand in November. (It's a shame she can't come herself, but her inspiration will have to do this time... )

Judy T

It's Laura Vegas with her inspiring designs.

Janet Zeppa

I found Laura's blog and so enjoyed spending some time there!

Cherie Nymeyer

Got it on my 2nd guess! :)


It's Laura... love love love her designs.


Gotta be Ms. Laura!

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