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September 04, 2009


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Must the 2 projects with jillibean be completely jillibean?

Jillibean Soup

No, they don't need to be completely Jillibean Soup just like the Design Team does every week, you may add a few tidbits here and there that compliment Jillibean. BUT, the main focus should be Jillibean Products on those 2 projects.

Susan Dupre

Oooh, since I was right across from you gals at CHA I just might go for this! Your papers are so cute, and everyone was such dolls!! You guys put up with my obnoxiousness over at Nikki's make and take table all day long!!!

~lisa w~

Oh! What an exciting opportunity!!! Can't wait to get started! : )

Michelle W.

oh my goodness, I just screamed out loud and made my family wonder if I was insane!!! What a great opportunity!!!!

Melanie Blackburn

Wooohooo! How exciting!

Valerie G.

This does seem like an exciting opportunity!

Do you have a sense of what the commitment is that will be required for the team on a weekly or monthly basis?

Thanks in advance!


Wow! Fantastic opportunity!!

Jillibean Soup

Hi All,

I just want to make sure everyone knows this is for "Guest" designers. All of our great designers have decided to stay on for another 6 months and we will not be adding to the design team at this time.

Valerie, to answer your question - because it's a guest spot, you will only be responsible for 1 set of projects to be posted on a specified date. The guest designer gets to pick the Jillibean Soup products they would like to use for their projects.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks to all that apply! We look forward to seeing everyone's work!


Jillibean Soup


The only commitment that the guests will have will be a layout and a card plus supply lists, due 1 week before their date on the blog.

Kimber McGray

Jillibean Soup

Valerie G.

Thanks for the clarification Ladies! :)


wow... thanks for the guest DT opportunities!! sounds like tons of fun!

Andrea Amu

What a fun opportunity this would be!! Thanks for the info! :)


Would love to send some of my creations in but do not own any Jillibean soup products, yet. Just found the sight today.


I would so love to participate as I've loved your products from afar for months now. But there are no craft stores in Croatia. I'll have to wait till I'm back in the US to get some. Keep up the good work!

Wendy Schoonhoven

I just send in my projects a few hours ago and I am crossing my fingers so....Can't wait for the outcome and publication of the 12 lucky girls that are going to be guestdesigners. Hugs, Wendy.

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