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September 22, 2009


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that looks so happy and fun! great idea!!


Oh, I'm absolutely, positively making myself a pencil cup now. I need one desperately so this is just perfect. Thanks for sharing!


cute, i'll try and make these for my friend who teaches 1st grade...she'll love them!


That is so cute!! thanks for sharing.


Excellent tutorial. Love this idea for my kids! With hearts, or cars...ideas are flowing faster that I can type. Thanks for the inspiration, off to try this!!!



I love it

Erika M

Too cute for words says the school teacher!

Melanie Blackburn

This would be such an awesome teacher's gift!!! Wonderful tutorial Summer!

scrapper al

How cute! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

Renee K

So happy you are now doing tutorials! Thanks so much for the cute tutorial!

Whatever DeeDee Wants



Hello, I'm doing upcycling for my GCSEs can I use this picture please? email me :)

Jill Yegerlehner

Katie, that's fine. Please note that the project was done by Summer Fullerton. Thanks!

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