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November 13, 2009


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wow what a nice give away!!

I am really thankful for the health of my family and thankful for all the kisses I can get!!

Lynn Brown

I'm thankful for my family, our good health and my husband's job.

Michelle A.

Gorgeous!! I am most thankful for my family and their health. Thanks for the chance to win these goodies.

Tracy Dayett

LIFE...that is what I am so VERY thankful for...I had my second Brain Surgery this year and I am very aware of the joy of living and getting to share in the Thanksgiving holiday with my beautiful family this year...thank you for a chance to win...Love your products!

mary puskar

Wow this is an unusual giveaway. Would love to win it and your table setting is lovely!



COOL! Well, I'm definitely thankful for friends and family :)))


What am I thankfull for?
I'm thankfull for my friends and family. They are always there for me.
Like right now, I'm going through a really tough time and even with them having their own ideas about what I should do in regards to my boyfriend (or maybe my ex, we just decided on a time-out), but they will never judge me and will always support me in whatever decision I make.

Johnna Moore

Beautiful placesetting. I saw your website mention in Creating Keepsakes Dec magazine and I am so glad i checked it out. I have never seen your products before and am excited to become a customer.

Brittney Aldous

That place setting is so pretty.

I'm thankful for my family. They've supported me though my undergrad, grad studies, and now my masters (and in turn taking a big overall paycut!), but they're behind me 110%


i'm thankful for my healthy, for my kids, my husband,
and for all my blessings every day!


Janet Zeppa

I am thankful that my family is all healthy and happy!


I am thankful for each and every day of my life and everything in it. The table setting is absolutely gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win.


You are a very creative bunch. Beautiful as usual. I am thankful for my family, good health, living in a wonderful country (Australia). Plus about one million other things!


I am thankful for way more than I could list, but topping the list is my family, our health, my faith, living in a country where water and food are abundant and much, much more.

Grace M

Juz saw this and hope i'm not too late! would so love to win the goodies :)

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