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December 04, 2009


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Thank you. You can disregard the email I sent. I think we'll be making some this weekend.

Cord Camera & Scrapbook Studio

We're so excited to have you, Jill!! Thanks so much for coming to hang out with us for our Grand Re-Opening event!!

Andi Sexton

Super cute tags!!!!!
They are gorgeous, simple, and not overwhelming!

I really love this place:)


these are SO fun!

rhonda nickol

how cute! I love your products. i would love some under my tree this year! RHONDA


Absolutely love these!!!

Becky Williams

These are ALL so cute! I love that Christmas collection.


These are so cute! thanks for the short tutorial.


Those are adorable. This made me realize how perfect the sprouts are for gift tags!!! I will have to look into that.

Erika Hayes

I love these. My friend Joni and I are getting together to make gifts this weekend, I am soooo doing these... thanks for posting them!


These are adorable! Makes me think I need to get my rear in gear w/Christmas cards for teachers and gift tags too. Thanks for the inspiration.

scrapper al

These are soooo cute! Thanks for inspiration and instructions.


These are really cute tags!


These are a great idea and so darn cute! Also loved the file folder layout from the christmas cards. I am posting your blog on mine so everyone can check it out!


these are adorable! can't wait to make some with you!

Erika M

Such lovely cards - I love the bird with the Santa hat.


Love these cards!!!
I feel some card-lifting coming on :) hehe
Thanks for the great ideas :)

Jennifer Hansen

These are super cute!

Heather H

These are very cute. I especially like the green one with the trees (not as much of a pink fan in general).


Love these cards!! I really like the color comb's!!! and what a beautiful tree!!!!!

Victoria S.

Love those gift card holders!


HEY JILLIBEAN---gurl i had so much fun chattin' with you--and yes, i will be making more of these cuties!---oh yeah, i sent you a email so check your inbox---love ya gurli---peace! ~Pam~

Term Papers

They are so adorable. You are really talented and creative. Thanks for sharing this.

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