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January 15, 2010


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Would love some of these new alphabets! Hope you have a great day Jill!

Wendy Schoonhoven

I just LOL about your comment on the Alpha's! Espescially with all those gorgeous new lines coming out. But, you are right, those alpha's look great too, and hey, what's a layout without the journaling! TFS again, hugs, Wendy.


I love that the alphas will come with numbers....I always tend to need those!! So happy the corrugated alphas are back and with color...I wasn't able to get my hands on the kraft ones. By the time I was ready to purchase, they were sold out EVERYWHERE!!

Joanna Lee

i love the corrugated alphas!!!
Happy birthday Jill!


Ooh, some of my fav things in new colors! Sweet!


I really like these especially the corrugated alphabets.

Janine R.

Have a Wonderful Birthday

Love all those fabulous colors and textures on the alphabets!!!


I love ithe idea of being able to sand the corrugated alphas. What a great way to add more pizzaz.


these are going straight to my MUST have list!! can't wait for these to arrive at my LSS.

Jennifer K

I've never seen the corrugated alphas. I'm so intrigued and really want to try them out.

April W

Look at allllll that yumminess!!!! My favorite pic so far for sure. ;)
- April

P.S. Happy Birthday Jill!!

Victoria S.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL! love the new alphas!

Paula DeRuntz

These are great - can't wait to get them! Happy Birthday Jill!


Oh my beans! I am in LOVE with the colored alphas!!! Pick me...pick me...pick me...

Heather H

Love the alphas. I would especially like to try the corrugated ones as I haven't found these yet, only seen them online.


Happy Birthday Jill! I too love alphas, especially the corrugated ones!


Happy birthday Jill!

Maybe I'll win some alphas for your birthday!


Happy birthday :) Love the new alphas! Very cute!!!

Cindy Trimble

I've gotta get my hands on the corragated alphas! It's a good thing I'm sitting down!


these letters are great!! all those fantastic colors! i'd love to win... :)

ruth tacoma

Your alphas are my favs right now......glad you are doing more of them!! :)


Happy Birthday Jill!!!!!!!!!

Just like the rest of these sneak peeks, these are great!!!! You all have outdone yourselves this time!!!!! :)


Happy b-day to you!!!!



how cute!


Those corrugated letters are really fabulous!

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