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January 15, 2010


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Happy Birthday, Jill!! And wow - those alphas rock!


Happy Birthday, Jill! Enjoy your day. I, too, have a "thing" for alphas. I probably have more than I will ever use, but I keep buying more. Love these new corrugated ones.

Vanessa Menhorn

Happy Birthday Jill!! Have a fab day!!
And these are really great, love your corrugated alphas!


I love the letters!!


LOVE the alphas!!!!
Happy Bday, Jill!!!!!

Bridget =)

these look great!!!


Love these alphas! Great job!! Happy Birthday Jill!

Claire W

These are awesome, I just know I'm going to *need* them all. And happy birthday!

Andi Sexton

Another fan of the corrugated alphas! Happy birthday to Jill(i)!


Lovin' it! Hope I'll be able to get one of each at my local store...

Diana Fisher

enjoy your birthday!!! Love to see those alphas in different colors, so cool!!!


Love the colors. Those corrugated letters are just awesome!!

Nicole K

Happy Birthday to Jill!
I really like these, the distressing alone is AMAZING. And the stickers are great!


Happy birthday Jill!

I love the new corrugated alphabets!!


Adorable! Love the letters!


I kind of eat alphastickers, so it's really nice I can get some new ones!


I love your corrugated alphas.

Nancy L.

LOVE those!!
Happy Birthday J ;) !

Julie Bonner

Love these alphas!! The corrugated ones are at the top of my wish list!!


Happy Birthday Jill!! And since it's on a Friday, you should celebrate all weekend! :)

LOVE those corrugated alphas. SWOON. I must go lie down to recover from the excitement!


Sandable alphas?!! I'm already smitten

Erika M

I'm so loving all of the new stuff - this letters are absolutely fabulous!

Amy Coose

Oh wow!!!! These are amazing.

Nancy B

Happy Birthday Jill!

Another awesome sneak peek, thanks!

karen q

Happy Birthday Jill. With CHA around the corner, I hope you have time to celebrate. Love, love, loving the corrugated alphas.

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