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May 07, 2010


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THat is SOOO awesome J! Thanks for sharing! Now get some rest!

Lori m

Love, love your new paper collection, the colors are beautiful.

My first job was working for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and as I walked home I bet all the dogs in the neighborhood would follow me. Yes, I smelled like finger licking good chicken daily till I was home and showered. Memories!

Happy Mother's Day!


omgosh,i am in love!!!!

thanks for sharing the process, so cool!!!!

my first job, aside from babysitting was at a movie store :)


Ok, this new collection is right up my alley!!!!

My first job was "babysitting", but my first have to file taxes job was working in a grocery store! (and I am still in retail today!)

Nancy B

Very pretty! Love those little lanterns. My first job-I worked at an auto dealership answering phones on Saturday & Sunday. Not much of a week-end, but I loved having my own money.

Shawn Wenrich

I was a dishwasher at a restaurant located in Pioneer Village. Kind of a museum frontier town. One of my friends at school got me the job as her Mom was the cook there.

Erika M

My first job was working in the work study program at college - I worked as a gopher for the department of education at UGA.

Melanie Shanks

This is a very interesting process. Thank you for the education! It was fun.


Interesting process! My first jobs were working at daycares and summer camps/rec centers.


That was very interesting...TY!

One of my first jobs was working in an Art Supply Store...and I always got a laugh when printers would call up and ask if I had PMS! Pantone matching System!

Amy Oxford

Wow, this line looks awesome! Love the colors, and who knew that so much went into the process of creating the paper that we love to cut up!! Ohh, my very frist job was when I was 15 at McDonalds. I got it so I could be closet to my boyfriend (now husband) He worked at WalMart and McD's was inside of Wally World...lol Oh so long ago!

Nikki Sivils

I know about all this.... so fun! I love the "loop", have you ever looked at your hair in it? I think the guys at my printers think I'm half crazy b/c I pretty much look at EVERYTHING through that loop! Congrats on another press check done! I'm still working on my last collection...
Love your colors Jill!!
(Take me out of the drawing.)


That is pretty cool!! i love what I can see of the new papers.

Kim Seldomridge

My very first job was a car hop in my small town in Indiana. I didn't have to wear roller skates thank goodness. I spilled enough stuff without them! I think it was 1990. Seems like a million years ago.


My first job was house and pet sitting for my neighbors cats.

Tammy Kist

Tastee Freeze was my first job...loved working the ice cream side, hated cleaning the french fry machine.


You won't believe this but my first real job was at a printshop. This post brings back memories big-time. And I had to strip negs by hand, none of this straight to neg or straight to plate stuff, for 4-colour work.

PS - It's "loupe" not "loop" ;-)

pam bray

My first job was at a hamburger stand at the "Hillbilly Store" in St Roberts. I worked after school and weekends flipping hamburgers with my mom. Wish I could do that for one day, I would love to spend the day with my mom even flipping burgers.


Wow your posts play by play was so kewl! thanks for the tour! I was a high school freshman when I began to babysit for the families of my high school teachers. My first family hired me for their 5 boys at 50 cents per hour. Boy am I dating myself! LOL


That was really cool to see! Love the new line. :)

My first job - be prepared to laugh. I worked at Wendy's! Ha! That's what happens when you grow up in the middle of nowhere and the closest thing that isn't 30 minutes away is Wendy's! Don't worry - I quickly changed my name tag to avoid the eye rolling jokes. :)

Karen Nuce

Wow Jill....this description was awesome...almost as good as being there in person and much quicker, I'm sure. Thanks so much for taking the time to take the pics, post and explain. While you have told me about this before, it is much more clear now. Thanks for all you do to bring us the amazing Jillibean toys we love to play with. Love you!!!

scrapper al

Thanks for bringing us along on the press check. So interesting!

My first "real" job (I'm not counting babysitting) was fast food, like a lot of my friends. Have a great weekend!

Julie Masse

Oooh pretty!! Love the colors I see in this new line! My first job was at Burger King - I was 15 and I loved it! :)

Jennifer Hansen

I was a dishwasher at a local restaurant. It was actually fun, great people to work with!


Love the new collection! My first job was working at the public library while in high school.

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