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June 04, 2010


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Becky Williams

That is so cute! Thanks, Laina!!!


Oh the new blinkie is a-dorable!

Robin Wade

Love it! It now has a home on my blog!!

Charlotte D

Got the blinkie! Have a great weekend. :)


Love it! It is going on my blog right now!

Laurel S

Love it, onto my blog it goes! Love Jillibean.

April W

Love the new blinkie...green is my fav! It's already posted on my blog. ;)
- April


Can someone please explain to the technicalogically unadvanced how to get this on my blog? No matter how I try it doesn't work! Thanks in advance!


love the design of this Jill!!!


Great Blinkie! I added it to my page. Its in the left sidebar about 1/2 way down.

Diana Fisher

Great blinkie, happily added to my blog!


I've added the blinkie to my blog. Have a fantastic weekend! :D

Joyce (Ashjoy)

Got it!


So cute! Great job Laina. It's on my blog. Woot woot!


My blog has been binkied!! Super cute!


Hola! Me encantan vuestros productos aunque aún no tengo ninguno en mis manos. Espero poder ganar algo, besitosss.


jen shears

super cute blinkie!!! Thanks!

Michelle P

Adorable-added it to my blog!

Shelley W.

Cute blinkie! I've updated my blog! ;-)


I've always had a hard time adding blinkie's to my blog but will give this one a try. I love your blog and read it daily so I would be proud to have it on my blog. Thanks

tammy k

got it on my sidebar :)


Vanessa Glass

I just put the blinkie on my blog!

Erika M

Cool blinkie - I don't have a blog but I would definitely use it if I did have one!


I love your blinkie!! It's in my blog now!!
hugs from France!!


Super Cute Blinkie! I couldn't get it to work by copying/pasting, so I did it my own way and it links back to the Jillibean Soup blog.

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