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June 23, 2010


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Jessica (Kissin' Krafts)

1 is the Diced Tomatoes Old World cabbage Paper.

Thanks for the opportunity!


I see diced tomatoes!


Took me a bit to spot it but I finally figured out the 2nd one. It is Chicken Noodle:Dried Egg Noodles. Thanks for the chance to win. I love the colors in the new line, especially the crookneck zucchini paper.

April W

I see Diced Tomatoes Old World Cabbage at the bottom!! Loooove that green. ;)
- April W


Diced Tomatoes!!!

ruth tacoma

Diced tomatoes is the only one I could identify.

Janette Childs

I see Diced Tomatoes!

christy a

Diced tomatoes old world cabbage and maybe dried egg noodles from chicken noodle (the flower petals)? Thanks for the chance!


Diced Tomatoes is the only one I am sure of.


diced Tomotoes is definitely one. Love that paper.

Karen Nuce

Congrats on the cover, Summer...great job! Lots of talent in today's soup spotting...great job to all you ladies!!!

Karen Nuce

Michelle has amazingly cute altered clipboards on her website too, so cute that I had to comment again!!

Angela Fehr

Dried egg noodles and diced tomato soup! Cute layout!


The green one is diced tomatoes! Such a great layout! Thanks for the giveaway!


The fun wavy paper on the bottom is diced tomatoes! Love the fun projects you shared. Some new blogs to add to my list of inspirational places.


The paper on the bottom is Diced Tomatoes. Love the cover LO and would love to see what else is inside!


my guess for one of the papers is Gold Potatoes form the Summer Squash collection.


Yup. That's diced tomatoes. So cute!

Katy Tipton

I see Diced Tomatoes from the Old World Cabbage Soup line. Love the layout!

Melinda Wilson

One of these is Diced Tomatoes from the Old World Cabbage Soup line. Thanks for this opportunity to win this neat magazine!

Jennifer D

Cute layout! It's using Diced Tomatoes. Still trying to find the other one though :) Thanks.

Michel E

Diced Tomatoes from the Old World Cabbage Soup line and Dried Egg Noodles from Chicken Noodle Soup line.

Lillian Child

Just love the layout - that little guy is so cute. One of the papers is Diced Tomatoes!

Laura Stewart

Diced Tomatoes!!!

Ann Cicilie

Cute layout!

And lots of inspiration on the blogs :)

"Diced tomatoes" is one of the patterned papers for sure :D

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