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July 27, 2010


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I love snow when I'm sitting inside, being warm. Love the way the world looks when it snows.

My favorite memory is of me, my brothers and m friends being out all day with our sleds. Rosy cheeks from the cold and then come hme to a cup of hot chocolate.


OMGosh I am out of control in love with this line!!!!!
First, it's Jillibean, second, Christmas/Winter Jillibean ... LOVE!!!!
I LOVE scrapping Winter pics ... I love the white of snow & I love making Christmas cards ... this is perfect!!!!
Thanks for the chance & thanks for this fab line :D


Snow happy that you made this new line ;) Love the colors and the little snowmen. Here in Holland we don't have a lot of snow but last winter we did. Yeah for snow!So I can't wait to use this new papers with the pics I took of my son playing with his sled in the snow.Bye Irene


Not to fond of snow...but love this cute JB line.

Sandy Z.

I don't like driving in the white stuff, but I do like the way it looks all clean and crisp on my lawn! My favorite memory is taking my son sledding for the very first time and watching his face light up as he slid down the hills and got rosey cheeks! :)

Sherry Eckblad

Loving this paper line. Being from Minnesota you would think I LOVE snow, but unfortunately the older I get the more I HATE it!

As a child I loved playing in the snow, going outside and staying for hours just playing with our sleds on slippery hills and then going into the house and drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows and peppermint sticks. YUM-O

Jen B

Oh my gosh; those snowmen are so stinkin' adorable! Love them!

Barb B

OMG,I fell in love with this line the moment I saw it! My mind started racing with all the cool things I could do with all the elements. Can't wait until I can get ahold of these.

Abby Laubenstein

I LOVE snow, infact winter is my favorite season. Some of my best snowy memories are when I lived in Chicago as kid, the blizzards were brutal back in the 70s, but my sisters and I loved playing in it afterwards - sledding, snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights/forts. Good times :)

This collection is FANTASTIC! Oh the layouts and cards I would make.. Gotta get some! Thanks!


This line is fabulous, I love it and look forward to getting it, those mittens are too cute and can be used for more than just Christmas.


Goodness..this is so adorable! Love it, love it, love it...favorite snow memory is when I was a little girl...tubing with my dad down what I thought was a giant hill...but probably is a very tiny mound! :)

Julie Gilbert

I am loving kraft paper right now. This line is really calling my name!

Paula DeRuntz

I am hearing Frosty the Snowman - we are packing up and moving to Chicago next week - this would be perfect for our first Chicago winter!!

Amy Coose

I just love this collection, the colors are amazing! I look forward to winter every year, and love when we have our first snow storm.


Snow... snowmen and snowball fights followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows! This collections is beautiful by the way - congratulations on yet another fabulous product!

Vanessa Glass

I love this line! So cute. I like snow just fine. It's so clean and it's fun to play in! I'm just not a huge fan of winter driving conditions here in Michigan.

Michel E

I live in the South so I don't get to see much snow. Love to look at it but don't like to drive in it. I collect snowmen so I would love to have this collection

Rachel Millington

Love this line, but then I LOVE them all!
I hate snow. I'm from Auckland NZ and it's never snowed there ever. I now live on the other side of the world in England and it snows here. I'm not used to it, have no idea how to drive in it and I just dread winter. The only positive is the great photo ops there are when there's lovely fresh white snow around! Enjoy CHA, can't wait for the new lines to ship to the UK!


Those are gorgeous! I love the tan background with all the Christmas colors - great!


Fun line! I love the kraft with the snowmen and other winter themes. I like snow. I live in Canada so I have lots of fun winter pictures to scrap and this line would be great for them. Best snow memories are of making snow forts in our yard with my brother.

Lynn P.

Just love this kraft line- the snowmen are adorable!!! Always love your journaling sprouts! Since I am a teacher- I just love things that remind me of snow- and SNOWDAYS!!!!


Fab papers, please send them UK side to our shops! I love the snow but Scotland is very hit or miss although last winter was very snowy. The skiing started in Decemeber very early.

Ann Cicilie

Lovely line!

I love snow. I come from a country with lots of snow, and there's nothing like skiing up in the mountains, taking little breaks drinking hot cocoa and eating chocolate.

My favourite snow memory must be from January 26. 2010. It was really early in the morning, my husband and I was driving to the hospital to give birth to our second child. It was really cold and lots of snow, and the whole world was just quiet and perfect. I was filled with a feeling of great peace, and was so excited to meet our little baby :)

Sarah Lou

Woe is me. I have never seen snow. And my poor boys always moan each winter about how they have never seen snow. We are getting teh snow reports on the news every night atm, and every night I hear it.

Kelly O.

When I was a kid I thought snow would taste like cotton candy and when I tried it did not LOL. The most memorable thing about playing in the snow was to make snow angels, that was most favorite thing to do as a kid.

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