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November 18, 2010


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Mandie Wade

That's a SUPER hard question, so far I have loved EVERYTHING you have made! How about a Pond Life theme? Frogs and Turtles, Cattails... I'd buy that : ) Of course, I'd buy just about ANYTHING you make!!!

Jennifer Shaw

I would love to see "birds" as a theme. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome alphas! :)

pam bray

How about some Summer, Summertime Soup! That would be fabulous.

Jamie Greene

I would love some alphas!! As for paper maybee something with banners!


how about a techie theme, with all the cool gadgets coming in like ipad, et al, i think it's worth something to scrap about :)

Thanks for the chance to win!!!


I would like to see some paper with a sports related theme-something I could use for basketball and baseball.

Kelly Massman

I'm in! I'd love to see something with banners also!

Christine Campbell

Maybe a Valentine's line and call it Lovin' Spoonful :)

Melinda Wilson

I would love to see a line about plants blooming. With your little bean theme, it will be amazing what you will come up with!

Amanda L.

I would love anything with stars, hearts, and circles.....maybe tied in with a music/song title theme. Thanks for the chance to win the alphas.

Meagan V.

Hard question. How about an international travel collection?


I would love to see a summer beach or lake theme.


I am a bunny lover...you can call it "Rabbit Stew"? lol

karen q

I am in, would love the alphas. I no this is not a new theme, but I love all things butterfly. They work for any season.

Sav O'G

HMMMM! I am in love with just about any paper--I love my yellows...and blues...and reds...WHITE and CREAM are some colors that I'm missing...maybe something with those colors. I love patterns too (small or big)! LOVE anything:) Easy to please;)

Rhonda V.

Hmm... How about a vintage theme? I'd love to see how you'd do that!!!

What a fun idea!!!

LG Belarmino

I would love to see hotair balloons!!!!

Kristin Perez

A girly line? Maybe crowns and such? Pink and turquoise? Thank you for the fun give aways!


Birds...birdhouses...birds on a limb. Thanks for the chance to win.

manders aka javagirl

How about some chat paper bout friends and call it friendship cake. Some cupcakes with hot brights and then friends chat word along with hearts I think it would be fun tie all 2hether

Shelley P.

How about rainbow alphas? I'd love to get my hands on corrugated alphabets. I love the earthy colours!


ohh yeah! A corrugated giveaway is just what I asked for...now if only I'm lucky enough to actually win!
And I'm addicted to school themes, so would love to see even more school papers!


Pues me gustan las cosas de colores, pero con un toque vintage. Gracias.

Lesley F

How about desserts! Everyone loves that!

Kris D.

Anything with kraft paper!

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