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November 20, 2010


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manders aka amanda

I walked my roommates dog she wasn't feeling good
I already won so exclude me from drawing just wanted to come and see what else is going on I'm hooked

Robin Wade

Adorable stamp set!! This morning, I made breakfast for my two youngest daughters & now I'm headed off to work!! Have A Great Day!

Lesley F

I baked cupcakes and brought them to work for everyone as a fun treat to make the day go faster. Don't know if it made the day go faster but it made everyone happy!


I got up at 6:30 on Saturdat morning. I am taking my son to hockey and letting my husband sleep in.


love this stamp set! i did respite care for my aunt who is suffering from alzheimers. i was glad to help to out.


I gently woke my husband up and made him a nice hot coffee. I let him sleep a little this morning... He deserve it! I love him so much...


Good morning !!! Last night i taught my best friend how to knit ... It's something that she wanted to learn since longtime ago !!!

Abby L

My co-worker jokingly said "Don't you know one of your secretary duties is to provide Dove chocolates in the office?" So I made a paper bowl using JS paper and sprout, loaded it with Dove chocolates and left it on her desk for her to find Monday morning. :)

Sandra ltb

oh wow! I was just over at Unity looking at this set - so cute!
maybe not fair - I am a mom so I don't make a move with out doing something helpful for someone ... But yesterday my frantic son in college called, Mom - I am trying to make this appointment but I don't have time ... so Mom came through, put all of her work aside and took the time to make his appointment. He was so appreciative my daughter told me he posted on facebook how wonderful I am .
Thanks for all the fun and inspiration

karen q

I work in a small medical clinic and we had been having a very busy week so yesterday I went and bought all of my coworkers Starbucks as a thank you for your hard work. I love it when they smile.

Lee Anne

Does doing the family's laundry count as something nice? It's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. I have also made a handout for my school's faculty to write notes of thanks to each other. I love this stamp set and would love to make a home for it! Snowmen get me every time!


I sent out cards to people I am thankful for!


As a student teacher, in the first few weeks I try to do lots of little things to make the day of the head teacher easier, like grading tests or checking mailboxes, because I know when it comes time to switch she will be providing me lots of support.

Tina Phillips

oh these are so cute!!! I have been seeing cards all over made with these stamps.

Something nice I have done? Geeze I'd like to think I am nice all of the time...lol. I try to treat others each and every day the way I would want to be treated. And I try to instill this in my children as well...if you think something you might say would hurt your feelings if it were said to you then dont say it!! RAKs are a way of life in our family so i really can't single any one thing out.

Denise Coulter

Good morning! When the kids woke us up at 6:30 am this morning, I dragged myself out of bed so my husband could sleep. He was very happy :)


I made a trip to the city yesterday to pick up medication for my son (age 36).

Anita Y.

I babysat for my friend's 3 preschoolers so she could go to the chiropracter :)

Jamie Greene

Very cute stamp set! I let my husband sleep in this morning!

christy a

Love this stamp set! I cleaned the house so our family could just enjoy the weekend together (our first at home in a while), instead of spending time cleaning! We are also packing a shoe box for operation christmas child this weekend. :)

Laurel S

Love this set! I bought my daughter a coat and a scarf.


This set is adorable! Love it! My big kids are gone for the weekend so my husband and I are taking our youngest to the movie... he has no idea! Gotta love a surprise! :-)


Such an adorable set!! Love it!
Heading to a family Christmas party soon so there will be lots of nice things done there. Before we go, I am going to sit down with my daughter and help her make a card for her Pop.

Tanya K.

I helped my kids get into their snow gear at 8:00 am on a Saturday so they could run outside and enjoy the first real snow!

Laura Achilles

I work in Special Education and I love to give a little smile or word of encouragement to any of the kids.

Samantha T

I sent out a bunch of "just because" cards. I make a lot of cards, I try to challenge myself to actually send them. I mean, really, who doesn't love getting happy mail?

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