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July 16, 2011


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Why do you like gnomes so much? Thanks for the chance.


what inspires you most?

Jeannie L

The felt blossoms are so lovely!

My question is do you pick out the names of the collection first then do the designs & colors or designs & colors then name.


how do you come up with these great ideas!?


Wonderful extras! So yummy! My question: When and how did you decide to be a scrapbook goodies's designer?

Nicole Doiron

My question is: Do you remember the very first picture you scrapbooked?

I do... it was a picture of my late father (who passed away from cancer in 2004) and i was doing my very first album in memory of his life (that i later gave to my Mom).

Btw, LOVE all these add-ons and, needless to say, would LOVE to win :)

Christina MacLaren

Ooh, I want it all! I especially love the Alphabeans, they are so versatile for all of my pages. My question is: do you come up with designs for a new line first and then the name, or do you have a name picked out first?

Jenny A

I love all the new embellishments! My question is: How did you come up withe the name Jillibean Soup? Is it a nickname for you? Do you really like soup? :)


fun stuff! ... so where do you pull your inspiration from?

Marcia Scantlin

I like the corrugated sheets. Maybe more colors for that. My Q is how do you come up with the names of the paper and what made you start doing that?

Jennifer Findlay

adore! Love all the new alphas!


WOW! So many goodies!
Q: Jill, where do you find your inspiration?

monica garoutte

Love your products. Do you get your inspiration from soups? thanks for the opportunity to win.

Lisa C.

Love the buttons!! I'm loving all these new releases!
Jill - what's your favorite collection so far?

Ellie A.

This post title should have read "Let me make you drool even more" WOW I am in love I love all these little extras fun stuff! Now my Question is Where do all these amazing ideas come from what inspires you.That's sort of 2 questions that should better my chances right Ha..


Wow, this is a great release!
My favorites are the Labels - so beautiful :) I hope they will be quickly at my Local Scrap store available.
Have a Great Sunday!


I use Jillibean Soup products because they are so unique and unexpected. I love to create 'mood' on my pages, so my question is, 'what mood does corrugated items evoke to you?' It goes well with my many boy pages...and just wandering what you think when you use them.

Sandy Liles

Awesome stuff. My question would be where do you find the inspiration for the designs and names of your products?


Love this years collections. Here is my question - What made you decide to go with a soup theme for your collections? it's so different, but yet so perfectly adorable.

Jean Marmo

My question is -- how do you do it?? How do you come up with newer and better each time! Love the buttons and those labels!

Amy Hadley

My question is: Can you please send these to me ASAP? ;)


WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW these are so awesome, way over the top!! I love love all of these especially the flowers and the ALPHAS!! I had to look at this 3 times just to take it all in, like Christmas morning. Thanks for the chance to win all these goodies, if I win please split my goodies with another person because I think this one is too awesome to win alone!! Seriously 50/50.
My question would be what time of the day is your favorite and why?
I also liked a lot of the other questions here. Happy Chicago time!


More goodness!! My question for Jill would be, what super human power would you pick, if you were granted 1 power?


Can I come live with you? My DH is going to kick me out after I buy all of these new releases!!! LOL Love the corrugated stuff, the labels and buttons--I LOVE buttons! So I repeat, can I come live with you? LOL

Laura Stewart

how do you come up with all your designs?

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