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July 16, 2011


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oh wow! these are all so much fun!

i guess my question would be, "how hard was it to start your own paper company?" i've always been interested in the process, but never even knew where to begin!

Marcia Dehn-Nix

Oooh, I love the corrugated sheets and alphas!


omg.. the buttons and the corrugated alphas are wonderful


Linn Rivera

ooh ooh kewl beans indeed~ yummy crafty goodness :) thanks for the awesome inspiration & giveaway


a question for you ? what is your favourite Jillibean Soup collection ever ?

mary pat

oh my golly jill, i love all of the new items! i have an easy question but here it is: when will we see all of this in the stores--my lss is simply scrapbooks in kettering ohio and i am dying for the new stuff! when will vicki be getting this in?

have a great cha!


OMG! I love it all, but the corrugated alphas really caught my eye! LOVE them!!! Hmmm... what are your favorite colors to work with?

Debbie Painter

WOW!!! Such a Great Collection!! I LOVE the Corrugated Papers!!! What is the best part of your job?
Thanks for a chance to win!!


Love love love the felt blossoms! Huge fan of the corrugated alphas and paper as well. Thanks for the chance to win! :)


I simply love all the additions especially the Alphabeans,Soup Labels and the really pretty Cool Beans. I have become a true Beanaholic! My question is, what inspires you when creating your products? Your collections always make me smile!


love it all, especially the corrugated sheets! Great idea, never seen that before...lots of options!
Question: "do you design everything or is there a team?"
Have fun in Chicago!

Sandy Z.

OMG! LOve ALL of it! Buttons and corrugated alphas are my weaknesses ! Gotta have them! :)


What was the inspiration behind "Jillibean Soup"? Is in, how did the soup theme come to be? Thanks for the opportunity!


These are so fun!! I love products like this that are fun to create with. My question is how can I get the local chain stores(all we have in this area) to carry your products????

Melinda Wilson

Woohoo! I love these new collection of goodies!
My question is how long from concept of a collection to actually holding it in your hand? (I would be so impatient wanting to hold it - LOL!)

Aimee K

Oh wow!! Such eye candy!! Loving it all and those new alphas are surely going on my want list!!

Question: Do you have a bucket list and have you done anything on it?

Melinda Maierhoffer

My Question for Jill - What is your favorite collection and why?

love the soup labels... Thanks for the oppertunity to win.

Tami Mayberry

Question. Hmm. Tempted to ask for blackmail on Kimber but instead I'll ask if I can can come design for you and play with all of this yummy goodness :) Seriously though, love those soup labels and the new lines are awesome! Another great job!


Those buttons are totally adorable!! BUT I think my favorite is the twine! I simply adore your twine!
My guestion... how did you end up in this industry? If you could do it over, would have still joined this industry?

Celeste B.

I love each and every one of these. My question is, can I have one of each please?

Sue Plumb

LOVE all the new goodies! My question for you Jill is - has anyone ever come up with an awesome soup name BEFORE the collection was designed, and the design was then created from the name???


Very cool beans!!!!


There goes my bank account. I think i will have to have one of each. Love it all!

Beth E.

Love all the goodies!! Easily works with so many themes/color schemes. Do you prefer the toilet paper to roll from the top or bottom? ;)


Ooohh, I love it all!! and I WANT it all!!! My question for you, since Jillibean is MY favorite overall line right now, what has been YOUR favorite scrapbook line in the past, something that maybe inspired your designs or that you just loved to work with?

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