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July 16, 2011


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Sue D

Do you ever wonder whether you will run out of names for all your fabulous products?


One question eh? What colour are the shoes on your feet?

LOVE the new stuff!! Seriously, fav line for sure

Amber Wilson

Holy Buttons Batman!
My question: How did you first get into the design/scrapbooking industry? And was it by accident?


LOVE the felt blossoms! My question is where do you get your ideas and will you consider adding matching ribbons to your collections?

Robin Mowat

The corrugated alphabeans are super!
My question is -
How much rest will you get at CHA? LOL
Not a lot, I bet.

Kim M

How do you come up with all the ideas for your new collections, are they all your own or does someone help you design them and brainstorm ideas?

BTW....loving those felt buttons and the corrugated alphabeans are to die for!!!!!!!!!seriously!!!

Anita Y.

Oh my goodness!!! Such wonderful goodies!! Where do you get all your inspiration for new products???


OMGoodness those are all fantastic!! I love the labels, the felt flowers and the wood grain alphas the best!!

My Q: How do you come up with all the fantastic new ideas??

Christy Greenman

I am in love with EVERYTHING! I already pre-ordered it all : )


Wow...awesome extras!!! How do you shut your creative mind down in order to sleep at night?!?


Hi Jill! If a genie could grant you one wish...what would you want?

Cara S

Here's my question: what happens when you run out of soup names?

Andrea Niemeier

Wow, I can't believe how cool all of that is!! I LOVE It!


I'd want to know your back story--how you started YOUR obsession with this crazy hobby and how you came to own your own business.

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

My question for you is . . . how much time do YOU get to create!?! Unfortunately, I'm thinking it's not a lot! I love the buttons, and oh my . . . CORRUGATED! I ♥ corrugated!! :)

Sandy Z.

Jill can you ever do a pet line? Cute cats and dogs? Well, I KNOW it WOULD BE CUTE! :)
Love the new buttons!

Erica Hettwer

Oh, I love these!!! How often do you make soup? :)


love all the new alphas, my question is how do you come up with all the names for your products?

Kathy V.

Love the felt backed buttons. What is the fiber content on the felt fabric?


Jill, I love your designs! What do you do when you have a creative block?

Paula DeRuntz

These are FAB! Love the felt flowers! How do you do it all??!! This is such an amazing journey - I am in awe! Have a great time at CHA!


oh.... very nice!!!! Love it all!


When and how did you discover you had a talent for designing paper collections? What motivated you to pursue it?


Hi Jill, everything looks great! Quick question: How did you get the name Jillibean Soup??? Obviously, I understand that your name is in it, but what about the rest?

Julie Shearer

Wow these are great additions to your lines. I love all of them. My question...Why Jillibean Soup ?

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