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July 01, 2011


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Annette A.

Another awesome collection...love it all and love the names..great job..


Well, I'd have to say I'm a mix of both. : ) I really love this line -- you've captured some of my favorite colors and I love the patterns. That typewriter paper is so fun!

Tami Ault

this is fantastic! I love this new line! doesn't matter if it's sweet or sour, it's perfect & fun! nice job, jillibean soup!

Tina in Springboro

I WANT IT ALL!!! I am sooo hungry for these new papers!!! YUMMO!!

AMy Kersten

I love all the bright colors the line is adorable! I love that one is named Sauerkraut. My home town has a Weenie and sauerkraut day! Keep up the great work and can't wait to see this in the stores!


Sweet! I love this line, especially the die cut shapes :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Iris S

Sweet I am not- this is a reason I love the Note paper back so much! The sweet side is great, but.. thw back side is totally me!


Definitely SWEET! Love that typewriter paper. Thanks for the peek!!
Suzanne suzyq28024@gmail.com


oh yes !!!! i love this new line
i'm sweet too !!! ;)

Tamara Roach

I think I'm sweet, although I'm sure if you asked my husband you may get a different answer!

LOVE this line!


So many sweet treats in this soup!! Sure makes me hungry!!! Love it Jill!

emily (justem)

I really love this line! The papers are gorgeous! :)

Angela Bowlus

LOVE it!!! Excellent colors and designs. I can already think of projects to make with this line. I'd be in a very sweet mood to get these! =-)


Cute! I think the stamps are my favorite - I can see myself reaching for those over and over! I'm also loving all the labels you've been doing. I have to have those in every collection... it's becoming a little addiction ;)


Oh, those Typewriters!!! They are SO SWEET!!!

Beth E.

I love all things sour =) Love this new collection! Thanks for a chance to win!


WOW its smashing gorgeous!! This is a must have... Really love this colour combo, and all the fun typo and images, love, love,love!!//Katarina


definitely sour ;-)
LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection !!!


Sweet! I love it all! Thanks for the chance to win!


I don't know if I am either, but I like them both together! Super fun!


wow these are superb color combos! love this collection!

Lisa Westphal

I'd like to think I'm sweet :)
{gasp!} -That's the noise you would have heard if you were with me when this post popped up!!!
LOVE ALL OF IT!! Oh my. . .can't wait to get this one :)


I absolutely LOVE this line! The typewriters are my favorite!

Lillian Child

I get such a kick out of the names you've picked for the new lines ... just makes me smile out loud! I'm a mix of sweet and sour!


Love it! That typewriter print is especially SWEET!!

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