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September 02, 2011


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I'll usually scrap in front of the tv, use a mini tablet meant for my laptop, while the tv is on, my focus is on the project I'm working on ;)

Thanks for the chance to win the free giveaway! Looking forward for my lady luck to shine on me :)

Janet Lebeau

I scrap in my craft room or at crops! I have not been going to crops as often as I would like but I plan to change that! I do not have any real life scrappy friends so I scrap alone or with friends online!


I usually crop at Archiver's. My friends and I meet there during the day when the kids are in school. At home, I tend to use my dining room table.

Lara Carson

I usually scrapbook and make cards at home. My tiny guest room doubles as my craft room and that is where you can find me craftin' away~!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

I crop at home or with my friends at a crop. usually I make my cards on my counter while listening to the radio. Scrapping is a therapy and I create better when I am upset.


At home! In my own 'atelier'! Love to sit there with all the paper stuff around me and sometimes with the laptop at the corner of my desk to find some inspiration if necessary.

christy a

I scrap at home, usually, at my desk in the kitchen while my girls are asleep. I usually drag my stuff out at nap time, to get it started, and then drag it all back after nap time. Then drag it all out again at bed time to finish it up.

Amanda J

I scrap at home by myself at the kitchen table, and some at my LSS when I attend classes and crops! Thanks for the chance!

Veronica M.

I always scrapbook at my kitchen table. Actually right now there is a layout that I need to finish on there now!

Cynthia B.

I usually scrap at home in my craft room, usually after everyone has gone to bed! Over the years, as I've "collected" supplies, it's just easier to craft that way, instead of packing everything up and moving. If I have something that I can easily transport - like hand-stitching on a page, or figuring out journal strip placement or something line that- I'll try to take it downstairs and do that in front of the TV or around where my kids are (if they're still up). ;)
Thanks for the chance to win - this prize package sounds wonderful!
And congrats to Carolinagirl - her page is awesome!

Deanna Misner

Woohoo Aimee! Congrats girl! And for the giveaway, I scrap at the dining room table or on the coffee table while watching TV. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marcia Dehn-Nix

I took over my daughters bedroom when she didn't return home from college. I keep a futon in there for when she visits now. Its so nice to be able to make a mess and not worry about it. I used to scrap on my dining room table.

Char B.

I'm lucky enough to have my own scraproom, so that's where you'll usually find me scrapping. It's nice to be able to leave all my stuff out.


I have a small scrap room and that's where I create


Hey Jill!
I scrap during naps on an old comp. desk in the living room.


I get together with a friend for Monday Craft Madness and we have so much fun talking and playing with paper and buttons oh my!

Becky Williams

HUGE congrats, Aimee!!!!


I usually scrap late at night at the kitchen table....after the kiddies have gone to bed. Occassionally I will scrap in front of the tv if the hubs is home and up...:) awesome giveaway!

Ruth S

Another great LO!
I tend to do my crafting - both cards and pages - at my craft desk. Sometimes a spot of image colouring in front on the TV ;)
Thanks for the chance to win, Rx

Jamie Greene

I like to craft alone so I scrapbook in my craft/office room.


I scrap in my craft room, listening to a book. Once or twice a month, I scrap with friends.

April W

How exciting! I only scrap at home, in the nice quiet (while the kids are at school or in bed at least, lol!) living room. I've tried scrapping at a friend's house and it was too hard trying to decide what to take!
- April W

Heather Topich

I usually scrap at the kitchen table after the kids are in bed.

Erika Taylor

Loving that layout.

I am so fortunate to have a designated Craft room. It is where I relax, unwind, and create.

angie gutshall

Congrats Amy!

I scrap at the kitchen table listening to my kids play.

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