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September 30, 2011


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cindy wolfe

Goodmorning Jillibean girls, I get my inspiration from Jill and her designers. Your line of paper was the first that caught my eye when I started scraping and card making!!!! I am hooked, keep up the great work!!!!

Janet Lebeau

Ohio is so beautiful in the fall! I live about an hour from Dublin and my hubby has family there!I am a card maker and I get most of my inspiration right here on your blog!

mary pat

looking forward to the jillibean class coming to simply scrapbooks in kettering ohio!!!

i get inspiration from blogs and just walking around my scrapbook store. they have an amazing design team

Becky Williams

such cute cards, Jill!


I get my inspiration from various blogs of very creative people (including this one). I make cards and layouts and can't have enough of pattern paper. Thanks for the chance :)


BLOGS-- I'm addicted to them--- so much inspiration can be found on them and I have several that I read daily!-- like this one


I love making cards! So I get my inspiration from blogs, magaizines and sketches! Thanks for the chance to win a kit!

Kelly Massman

Hi! Cute cards! I get my inspiration from manufacturer blogs as well as individual blogs! Thanks!!!

Cindy deRosier

Most of my inspiration comes from blogs! I love making cards.

Janet Zeppa

Such pretty cards! I get my inspiration from blogs just like this one!

April W

How exciting!! I'm mainly a scrapbooker but love making cards too. ;) I get inspiration mostly from blogs I read online, but I also realllllllly love getting magazines in the mail!
- April W

Sandy Z.

Jillibean Soup is my FIRST Blog of the day! I like to start it off the right way! :) Thanks for the chance to win such great stuff!


I love making cards!! I get inspiration from everywhere - blogs, magazines, my kids, you name it. I love your line of products.

Marcia D

I get my inspiration from all over the place! I am mainly a scrapbooker, but make cards too when I need one.

Deanna Misner

Gorgeous cards Jill and Kimber! I really love what you both created! As far as cards go, I feel like I'm still learning in some ways. But I DO have more of a system now, and I feel like I'm growing in to my style. ;)


I love making cards. I 've been making really them for a few months because in France there is a forum which is specialized in cards and there are lots of talented gals who give us ideas.It's a real pleasure to make cards for people who are happy to receive them.

Natalie (QSOgirl)

I will be honest, I don't think I'm much of a card maker... BUT I always feel like I should use hand-made cards since my friends all know that I'm "crafty". So I try really hard to make cute cards :) Plus, I love the mission of Operation Write Home, so I try to make a few every so often to add to my stash to send to them.

I usually end up making very simple/clean cards, and if they're more advanced, it's because I've used a sketch for inspiration!

Cynthia B.

Love these cards! I get my inspiration for cards mainly from blogs. Paper Crafts Connection and Bean Talk are among the sure hits for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

Paula DeRuntz

I get my inspiration from this blog - it is the way I start my day! It's been amazing to watch the "growth" of Jillibean Soup! I print out my favorites and keep them in binders according to season! I love the Card Kitchen - great kits!

Nancy L.

i started scrapbooking but now i love making cards!! my google reader is full of great work from girls all over the world!

Jamie Greene

I get my inspiration from blogs, magazines, and products I love!

Lynn Avara-Stover

I love how Jill talked about cards being her thing because of the time that scrapbooking can take - I can absolutely connect with this! Some of my inspiration comes from Blogs like this one (and Kimbers) - some from catalogs (SU), some from Kimber's books - and some from a card exchange that I belong to - think Elvis this year - it has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and come up with some fun new things. I also love the sketches - and the ideas they can bring to mind!

Keep up the GREAT work - it is amazing - and another source of great inspiration!

Karen Nuce

Loving the card kitchen...got my first kit and cannot wait to get the next one...everyone should sign up. Just want to say that in honor of National Card Making Day, I am going to use everything in my Sept. kit and make as many cards as I can...I think that will be quite a lot!

Annette A.

I am a huge fan of Jillibean...it makes me happy. Your designs are unique and i love it....i am a card maker and i love to just hop around many many blogs to see all the creativity is out there. I am inspired by life and the beauty of nauture. Thank you for the chance to win..


I really like making cards !! I find inspiration on the internet, on Jillibean Soup blog of course, but I also use sketchs on several blogs :-)

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