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September 16, 2011


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jen harkin

I hope that you grabbed a sodi pop for me! Have fun and wish I was there:) Although, my wallet might be fuller than yours!

Carina A

I would LOVE to win that fabulous card kit! SO darn cute!


So did you get a ticket this time? :) Be careful...you can't afford to lose your license...too much traveling to do!

Marcia D

WOW, That card kit is so cute! Would love to win it. Welcome to Minnesota!


I love the photos!
Thanks for the chance to win the card kit. It is cute, cute, cute!

Nicole Doiron

Looks like you're having a great time on your trip!

GORGEOUS cards that i would SO love to win! Thank you for the chance! :)

Tanya R

LOL asking the policman to take a picture, that is priceless. A good scrapbook photo indeed. Thanks for the morning giggle, and for the chance to win.

Celeste B.

Have fun at Scrapfest. Wish I was there.


that kit looks so darn cute


Did you get a ticket? Thanks for the smiles :)

Lara Carson

Welcome to MN. I wish I could be there this weekend and meet you, but I have work today and a wedding out of town tomorrow. This will be the first year I do not go. Have a blast! MOA is a lot of fun, and SF is seriously amazing too!

Amanda J

Fountain pop is the BEST!! :) I so want to come to ScrapFest next year!

Annette A.

Looks like uou had a fun and exciting drive...love the new purse...thanks for sharing..

Laurel S

Great photos! love that you asked the cop if you could take a picture! LOL


Maybe one day I'll make it to the Mall of America

Yvette Moore

Wow! What great adventures you told us about. I'd love to win, thanks for the chance and have a great trip!

Loretta Neighbors

Mall of America is on my Bucket List lol. The card kit looks beautiful. Lucky students and maybe I'll be lucky too!

Katie B

enjoy your trip


Would love this chance! Sad about missing SF-maybe next year I'll get back. (I work at the U of I--come teach here and do a mini reunion!)

Jill Rucker

Yes please! You make me smile that you took a picture of the cop car. Have a great weekend!


Love your new handbag!!!! Have fun!!


...love the rear-view mirror pic! happy weekend!!

Jules The Bling Princess

Love those cards - so gorgeous! Have a safe trip.

Victoria in OHio

ME ME ME!!!! please pick me! LOVE THE CARDS! have fun at scrapfest. NO more tickets for you girlie!

Jamie Greene

I wish I was at the Mall of America:) I hope you didn't end up with a ticket this time.

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