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October 28, 2011


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mary pat

oh what a great stamp set for a wonderful cause. My mom had breast cancer 2x-once at 43 and another at 64. she truly is my hero!

please pleas do another easter line!!

Becky Williams

It's so fun to see all of these beautiful projects. Pregnant lady chipboard? That would be CUTE!


I'd love to see some of those earlier papers re-introduced. They were from before I found you guys.


I love all the projects shown here - they are great - thanks for sharing them --

Char B.

Great pink projects! Thanks so much for sharing and for doing something so great for Breast Cancer Research!

April W

Wow, how amazing!!! That is seriously cool about Jillian. ;) One of the women in my live who has touched me greatly is my best friend Cathy. She's been there for me SO many times when I needed her and I'm so thankful to have her!
- April W

Paula DeRuntz

12 yrs. old - incredible! It was kind of like a walk down memory lane - still love all of the old paper lines (and the new!).


Gosh, I can't believe such a young girl designed such a gorgeous stamp set! It is just wonderful and such a great way to remind all of us of the ladies suffering from this awful disease and remind us of checking our boobies too! A few ladies I know have suffered from breast cancer too and there's one thing that I truly admire in all of them: despite of how hard they have to fight, they're all so positive and faithful. That left a trace in my life too: now I try to enjoy every minute a bit more, life is too short to give up or worry:)

Victoria in OHio

Congrats to Jillian! seriously 12? - what a talented gal!
I am a recent Breast Cancer SURVIVOR myself so i would love to win this set. 3 years ago this month i had a double mastectomy and am still here alive and kicking!
i have 2 daughters, ages 18 and 12 that i am motivated to stay healthy for!
My Mom died of Ovarian Cancer at age 65, so i want to far outlive that for my girls.


Wow, how very cool and talented! And what a sweet set. I have a very long family history of breast cancer, mom & grandma included. I'm always game to do anything to help fight this disease! Just reading the other comments has me a little teary eyed, breast cancer has effected so many lives.


Such wonderful projects!!! I would like to do a HUGE shout out to my mum who is in her second battle with breast cancer and my cousin who had to have a double mastectomy. Such a gorgeous set!!! Thanks for the chance!

Lillian Child

All of these creations are so very lovely! My sister is a breast cancer survivor and a cardmaker and I would SO love to be your lucky winner so that I can play this fabulous stamp set forward to her, as she loves to create inspiring cards for the cancer center to give to patients.


WOW! This is a post just filled with pink goodness!! Yummy! And a 12-year-old stamp designer!! WOW! Such talent!!


I agree that almost everyone has been touched by this disease.


Thank you for paying attention to the breast cancer subject. I also do think that everyone of us knows someone with this horroble disease.
That stamp set is amazing, by a 12 year old?? That gives a lot of hope for her future LOL

Glenda J

A shout out to all of my wonderful friends - they are supportive, fun and fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win!


Awesome projects today! Love the stamp set. My mom is a survivor and it would be awesome to win this for her!

Lara Carson

Wonderful projects! Way to GO Jillian, very wonderful designed stamp set. My shout out to my sister, Jacquie, who always has advice, wanted or not, but is a good sounding board for me when indecision comes around. I am blessed to have her!

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

Loved seeing all the pink and I would love to win the set. Way To Go for a 12 year old !!!!!!!

Nancy L.

everything looks so pretty in pink!!

Gina H.

Those are just beautiful and even more amazing that they were designed by an obviously very talented 12 year old! Thanks for introducing us to her!

Kim H

Great bunch of projects, all are lovely. Wonderful stamp set, and a great cause. A very talented 12 year old, definetly will be a young lady to watch in the future. Thank you for the chance to win, and sharing these projects and talents.

Melinda T

Thanks for sharing and inspiring! The layouts are lovely! I especially like the misting that Mel did! And those are some awesome stamps, will definitely have to check Jillian out!

Binnie B

All the projects are lovely and show a lot of maturity. Are you sure she is 12! :)


Hello Jill,
I surfed to Jillians website, she is a very talented girl. I would like to win this beautiful stamp set (-:

All cards and layouts are beautiful. I'd like to see a new line of Easter paper. I love spring, so winter is not my favorite season.

Wishing you a very nice weekend and thank you for the chance to win.

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