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January 06, 2012


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OMG!! This is soooo cute and I LOVE the new collection packs!!!


Cute! Love the woodgrain & chicken wire patterns :)

Wendy Crowe

Sooo adorable!!! The chickens in the coop are definitely giggle-worthy!

mary pat

oh wow this is just way tooo cute! I love it!!


Oh oh oh - I LOVE it!!! Love the tones, design, and the names are freaking cute too! :)


Very cute collection. Just love the chicks!!

kathy skou

This is entirely too cute... and the name Chicken Thighs for paper...still giggling. :)


such a cute collection! makes me wish for spring, or at least to craft for spring. :)

Sheena B

I have a soft spot for umbrellas! Love this new collection!

Jessica Pascarella

ADorable collection! Love the chicks and bunnies! Perfect!


Love this collection!

Carina Lindholm

ADORABLE!!!! i must have this line, love it!!


I did notice the new collection packs and love them! Another great collection here :)

Ann Cicilie

Yayyyyy, of course I'm ready for some new soup from you!

Love this one, so cute! The colors are adorable! Perfect for scrapbooking my two little girls going egg hunting in the garden :)

Julie  Shearer

Love the new line. So very cute...I want it all. Thanks for a chance.

Tenny Kusuma

Cute...LOVE it! I LOVE the spring color too. Awesome. Thanks,

Jean Marmo

How cute!! Gorgeous colors and cute designs!!

Candy S.

So cute! I have so many plans for this new line. I would love to win it!

Carrie Fletcher

I love it. It made me giggle.

Debbie Fisher

raised as a dairy farm girl and living on a farm as an adult, I've just got to get this set!


sooo cuteeeeeee


LOVE. Just... love.


oh how gorgeous is this!!! i love this collection... such pretty design and lovely colors...thank you so much for a chance to win it

Tina G

So cute! Will there be stamps to match? :)

Paula DeRuntz

Can you say ADORABLE?!! Puts a smile on my face! And, LOVE the Collection Pack.

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