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February 18, 2012


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Absolutely fabulous cards!!

Happy birthday Kimber!!!

kimber mcgray

AWWWW.... Thank you guys!!!

SOOO much! I haven't even started looking at the cards and the list here is AMAZING. You are all such great friends and I love you all so much!

Patty, Caron and Jill these cards a so pretty. Thank you so much!

Becky Williams

Happy birthday Kimber!!!!!!

Jeannine H

Happy Birthday Kimber! You have great talent. I appeciate that you share it with all of us!

Laina Lamb

Happy Birthday Kimber!!!!

angie blom

Happy Birthday Kimber.. lots of love xx

Jackie L.

Happy Birthday ! Fabulous cards !

Rebecca W

Happy Birthday Kimber!


LOVE seeing all the cards! Such a great idea - thanks so much for coordinating it, JB ladies!!! Happy happy day, K.

Jean Marmo

Happy Birthday!

Lisa Rodriguez

Happy Birthday Kimber....such great inspiration in these cards...

Barbara Albrecht

Happy Birthday DD!! Jill, thanks for organizing the blog hop for Kimber.

Barb...Kimber's mom..and so very proud of her...what an amazing young...er old...lady she's become!!!


Happy 40th to you!


Happy BIrthday Kimber. What great fun and such marvelous cards

Cyndi Stephenson

Happy 40th Kimber. Lovely cards.

Sandy Z.

LOVED ALL of the cards! Kimber, hope this is a fabulous day for you and you are truly blessed with all of the great cards/friends who created them for you! Happy, Scrappy Birthday, Woman!

Melinda T

Happy Birthday, Kimber!

Sharon Gullikson

Happy birthday, missy!

Cynthia B.

Great cards from everyone.
Happy, happy birthday, Kimber!

MaryAnn  N

great krafty cards...HB Kimber

Victoria Collinsworth

Happy Birthday


What a wonderful birthday present you all have done for Kimber. Great work.


Happy Birthday Kimber!

Kim Thomas

Super cute cards. Thank you for the inspiration. :)


Beautiful cards!!!!! Great stamps!!!!

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