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June 22, 2012


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Janet Zeppa

Oh boy.....I would so love to win your new Alphabeans!!! I love them!!!

rachael E

I was at the Scrapbook convention and bought some great stuff from your booth. I also made the wonderful clothes pin "make and take". I would LOVE some alphabets to go with some of the items I bought.

Rhonda F.

I love having lots of alphabets to choose from! When I have lots of odd ones in colors or prints that don't match, I lay the oddballs out for a title piece or card and then ink the whole thing with Versamark and heat emboss them. I then peel the stickers off and viola! I have an awesome "resist" title!


Love this font and I love alphas!! Can't wait to see the new colors and I share my alphas with my 11 year old daughter so there's not usually very many leftovers. Thanks for the chance to win.

Luz Maria Martin del Campo

I loved your corrugated alphas, these have the jilli bean colors too so it's all good!!!

Steffanie S.

Hi. My name is Steffanie and I am an alpha horder. I must have these...really. I mean it. When I have left over letters, I usually get creative and cut them up to make the letter I need. This is why I need more. Pick me!


I have some of these alphas in my wishlist, I think they are perfect.


I love collecting different alphabets. I want to put a title on a layout mixing up the different sizes and fonts.


Yeah! More fun colors of alphabeans!!! Can't wait to see them and the new collections!!!


I don't need another letter, really -- but I got to have these!


seen these on amy tans layouts love them!


I'm an alpha-everything hoarder! Alphabet stickers are my most favorite scrapping supply! When I have strange ones leftover, I use them as a background, border, or mix them for an interesting page title!

Lisa P

Five new sets?? Love!!


I love those, so new colors is really great news!


LOVE the size and font ! NEED more colors :`) Thanks for the opportunity to add to the stash !

Aimee K

New alphas?!?! I'm always in the market for some new ones! Can't wait to see what they look like!


Love these alphas!! I sometimes collage the leftover letters all together and make a card background. Sometimes I mist over them then remove them, so the alphas work as a mask. Would love to win these new goodies!!! :)

Heather Robertson

I love Jillibean Soup alphas - can't wait to see the new ones

Yvette Moore

I LOVE alphas!!!! I don't have any good ideas of what to do with leftovers though. any suggestions?


I admit I am an alpha hoarder, love them all. I use my leftovers to make backgrounds. Thank you for the chance to win!

Kelli W

These alpha stickers have been pretty much my only scrap purchases later - I love them and wanted to get all the colors I could find at my local Archiver's! They are the perfect size for everything :)

Laura Cox

Alpha horders....stand tall and proud...yep....I can be counted here too....lol!


Alphabeans are my absolute favs, and I use the leftovers as masks or combine the colors.

Denise Bryant

Count me in for new alphabeans!


I am in! Can't wait to see the new colours. As far as my alphas are concerned, I just hoard them!!

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