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June 01, 2012


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Eileen Mead

I live in a oondo ... and so space is definitely important ... so I actually use my walk-in master closet to house my scrappy stuff ...(I bought a wardrobe for my clothes) ... so I'd have to say I am most thankful for my closet ... I don't know what I'd do without it!!! Would love to win some Macho Nacho ... in fact I've got a spot in my closet picked out for it :)

Brenda B

This looks like a fabulously fun kit! Hmmm...my favorite room in my house is definitely my scrapbooking room where creativity flows! Nothing like feeling creative to make me feel relaxed, confident and energized.

Michelle Kern

My fave room is my bedroom. I LOVE to sleep next to my hubby...if my 2 dogs do not interfere. :)

Michele Smith

(gasssppp) I so love this masculine kit! Yes, a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e is the appropriate word. Super duper cute!! My fav room is my newly repainted craft room!! What a difference a little color on the walls can make in your creativity!! Thanks so much for sharing these goodies with (ME ME ME I mean) us! LOL Have a great day!!

Wendy Crowe

My favorite room is our office. My scrap corner is there, a tv, computers, sliding glass doors so I can watch the kids in the backyard and my hubby's desk is right next to mine, so we can chat while we work. :)

Thanks for the chance!


Another great kit! I really had to think about my favorite room...the easy answer would be the kitchen because I love food, but that room is not very bright and needs some updating. I think I have to go with my 5 year old sons room, here is why: it is bright, cheery, has a banner on the wall(who can resist)a cool car bed, awesome Pottery Barn rug, white furniture (only room in the house where I can get away with that) and I find the cutest little scenes set up in there. My son uses stuffed animals or other toys to create dealership, nests and other such thing. I have to enjoy it before he grows up much more! Thanks for the chance to win!


My favorite room would be my scraproom, my little oasis.So this kit has a place of choice here! :-)


My favorite room is my craftroom! It is where my computer is and where I go to check out my favorite obsession....papercrafting, cardmaking, and scrapbooking!! Have fun at the beach!


Michele Washburn

Nice giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! My favourite room would have to be our family room. It's got the big screen TV, comfy places to sit and a HUGE movie collection! It's the room we spend the most time in as a family, so that makes it even better!


My favourite room (place) is the dining table.. sure because we eat there (loveeee food LOL) but I love it more cause I craft on the dinner table.. ! Thanks for a chance to win.. Hugs Marley

Patricia Moussatche

My favorite room is my kitchen. My husband and I put a lot of effort (and money!) to get it just the way we wanted. We wanted it to be the center of our home and of all the parties we host, so we needed to make sure it could accommodate everyone -- or at least 20 people standing very close together over whatever was served on the counter.

Ruth S

My fave space is where I craft - my hubby would call it the office, but I call it the craft room (we divide our priorities, hehe!) I love having time there to be free and create.
And I recently had a *big* reorganisation with lots of purging and new storage solutions, that I love. I even made a video to share some of my storage tips if you want to see at my YouTube channel, justsomestuffimade.
Thanks for the chance to win some Nacho goodness (Nachos of all kinds are awesome - whether edible with a heap of salsa and sourcream or craft-worthy like this fab line!) Rx

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

I would say the kitchen is my favorite since that is the heart of the house. I love it so much because I helped my son remodel it and actually have my sweat and tears into the room.

Pam Spradlin

My favorite room in our home is the sunroom. Loads of windows and lots of light which I love. It looks out over a creek so we see quite a bit of wildlife walk by the windows. I do have a craft room but I find myself pretending I am going on a crop and will drag my paper supplies out to the sunroom to craft. It is relaxing and with the family out there with me I never get lonely.

Marilyn Ritchie

My favorite room in my house, and I know this is strange but it belongs to the young lady who lives with me. We met 22 years ago when she was 6 years old, she has an intellectual disability and so each day of her life is an adventure. But her room is her space and is always immaculate! I never go in it hardly, she cleans and has all her treasures in it. I am not sure how she gets in to bed at night as she has so many stuffed animals on it. She has her shelve with her medals and trophies from participating in Special Olympics. Her shelves of books and special treasures, her flat screen TV and DVD player where she watches movie after movie, and her best buddy her Hamser that she takes care of. It is a room filled with love and the things that make her most comfortable and each item has a special place, could I be so organized!

Jean Marmo

Love this kit!! My fave room is the kitchen! It has a huge garden window and I love to watch the flowers bloom, deer walk by, chipmunks play, etc.

Staci Rae

My favourite room is my living room. It's where my family makes the most memories. Also love the sound of laughter and imagination that comes from my daughter's playroom :)

Melinda Wilson

My favorite room is our new screened deck. It was finished last fall and this was the first spring to really enjoy and decorate outside. I loved it!


My favorite room? Has to be the living room, it's where my husband and I relax with our two, lazy, crazy cats!! Love the giveaway!! Hope it finds itself to my place!!


My Fave Room in the House is my Crafting Corner!! It has two Huge Windows and is filled with Sunshine :) Totally Love It !!I Really Love the Kit ...It's so Lovely !!


The beach sounds nice! Have fun!

My favorite room in the house is our living room. It is where te family hangs out together.

Samantha T

LOVE Macho Nacho thanks for the chance. My favorite room is my kitchen/living room (they open up into each other). So much of our life happens in those rooms of our house.

Leah Crowe

What a gorgeous line!! The favorite room in my house is the front room.. I can see out front, watch tv, play on the mac, and craft... it's where the fam hangs out when we're online. :)

Debbie B.

Fabulous kit!!! My favorite room in my house is my scrapbook room. It's like I'm stranded on an island, peaceful and quiet (except for my music) where I can think, create and enjoy!

Ashley Rock

Adorable, love it!

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