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June 26, 2012


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Patricia Moussatche

I see multicolored accordion flowers in my future...

Rebecca W

Fabulous collection! I love the colors in it.

Sandy Z.

HI! Just dropping by to say I LOVE the NEW Soup Staples! (and I will always LOVE the OLD ones too!) Would LOVE to win some! Thanks, Jill and Co.


joke: 'Why did the man cross the road?'

answer: "Who knows why a man does ANYTHINGH, hee..hee......' LOL!!!

But I tell you, I will be crossing the road, down the river and over the bridge to get this line- and buy in doubles or triples. I LOVE THIS LINE!!!!!!

Tanya S

Oh the colours look so beautiful together! Here's my son's favourite joke : What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer? A bricklayer!! It cracks me up every time!


Love, Love, LOVE it all! Coming soon to my sb collection...I hope!


Wow! Can't believe it is that time again! Loving the colours!!

Amanda J

Love this!! As someone who never uses cardstock, I love good "Solid" patterns like these to use as my backgrounds. Thanks for the chance!

Paula DeRuntz

Love these! Hope everyone is having a great summer!
ps - my "pantry" could use some "staples"!




I've never LOVED salt sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan @ PaperCrafter's Corner

Fabulous! Off to share this with our readers!!


Wow! It's right, it IS a staple!!! I love it, need it and have to have it, did I sound like my 4 year old?!? Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandy Liles

YEA! Love the chevron patterns and those colors.

I have a joke ;o)

Knock Knock
Who's There
Phillip who?
Phillip my cup, I'm thirsty!


Debby J

Great colors!


oh love the chevron, tank you for this chance to win


These are gorgeous colors! Love the chevron pattern too.

Tina G

Hi! :)


Yay chevron! Love it...thanks for the chance. :)


I love the chevron!!!. Thanks for the chance!!!



wow love it, you're right on trend with the Chevron woo hoo...me want to win some of this lol

Margie Visnick

Oooh, I LOVE these! Tha hard pard would be deciding which side to use!


Color ! ... Chevrons !!... Collection pack !!! What a girl wants :`) Thank you <3

Stephanie Matlack

Love the design and the colors. Fabulous!!!

Marie Butler

Great colors!! Love the chevrons!!


Cool! Perfect for both backgrounds and smaller parts on layouts and cards, as well as for hand made embellies!

I want them - I need them :-)

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