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July 06, 2012


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Oh yes! I love flags and banners - great new product! Can't wait to collect all of these!


what wonderful banners, fantastic colors.

April W

These are fabulous! I love the colors...

Char Dobson

Wow! How amazing are these!?! LOVE

Laurel S

These are awesome, love the No1 set!

Megan A

so cute!

Bethany Becker

These banners are so adorable. I love them. Thanks for the chance to win!


Super cute! want to play with them!!

Wendy A

I REALLY love these!


Banner Bites! I love them!!! Awesome!!


Love the bites! Banners and flags will be great additions to cards and scrapbook pages!

Tanya S

Love them! Nothing else I can say!


Oh for cute!!


These are gorgeous! I LOVE the names too! I'm a new addict to banners :)

Andrea Eason

What a cute idea, love banners, love these patterns!

Sandy Liles

Oh my goodness. I love these. It sure would make making little flags easier and quicker. AWESOME!

Marcia Dehn-Nix

LOVE the banners!!! Love all the new items coming out. Can't wait.

Krysta D

You never stop with the awesomeness! I love these!

Tiffany M

These are so great! Thanks for the chance to win them!

Jules The Bling Princess

Ever so cute! And I'm loving the colour combinations - can't wait to get my hands on these.


I love these! Banners are my favorite right now!


These banner bites are awesome! I cannot even imagine how challenging it is to constantly be creating new products and titles!

Veronica M.

Oh I love these! Too cute. Must have them all!


So cute! I love them! Great colour choices and perfect little words..... Amazing!


Too cute!


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