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July 10, 2012


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This collection looks delish!!!! My favorite Thanksgiving day dish is the sweet potato pie my hubby's sister makes!


Beautiful colors !!! I live in France but for fall we use to eat mushrooms...

mary pat

oh this collection is amazing!!! my favorite dish is the sweet potato casserole with all the yummy glaze!

Wendy A

Love this - just as much as my MILs pineapple stuffing!

Veronica M.

My mom's pecan pie! Yum! Love this collection.


Awesome collection! My favorite dish is lamb and rice stuffing :)


My favorite dish is the spanish potato omelette...and croquettes. My mother cooks very well!!jajajajaja

thanks for the chance!


Patricia Moussatche

I absolutely love the colors in this line and those trees are my all-time favorite -- so far ;)

Debbie B.

What a fun collection!!! My favorite dish is a Cranberry Pineapple Walnut jello mold. Yummy and goes so well with turkey!

Jean Marmo

Making me hungry!!! My fave dish is green bean casserole! This is a MUST HAVE!!!

Betty Heck

My favorite dish is my sweet potato casserole. Always requested by my family.

Wendy F

My favorite thanksgiving dish has got to be sweet potato casserole! Especially if my gradma makes it! YUM!!! Love this collection-gobble 'til you wobble label is great!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

I love anything involving sweet potatoes. Yummm.... that lovely sweetness paired with the savory turkey.... my mouth is watering!

Teresa S.

I love having apple pie and ice cream for Thanksgiving!

Melanie A.

I have to be the strange one at Thanksgiving. I don't like most of the food. *blush* So I have to say my favorite dish is probably the mashed potatoes! Love the new set!

Chris Dring

What a gorgeous collection! As much as I love all the food served at dinner, apple pie and ice cream for dessert is my favorite! Thanks for the chance!

Carla Wilkerson

My favorite dish is my mom's non traditional rice and gandules. I've had it every year for Thanksgiving and now I ask my mom to bring it to our house every year!
Btw, love the soup labels as always!


This collection is so cute! My favorite dishes have always been my Grandfather's mashed potatoes and my Mom's apple pie.

Celeste B.

Great colors. I like the navy in a fall collection.

Jo Haynes

Love it. Love it. Love it. I hope you know by now how much I love it. My favorite dish for Thanksgiving is my dressing. I use the same recipe every year.


I love fall colors and this collection is a big hit with me!! My favorite Thanksgiving dish has to be the stuffing!!



Super cute collection. Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving w/o slices of sweet potato dipped in brown sugar and fried in butter. Mmmm.


Love recycled designs - because they are often the favorite staples! And thanksgiving is all about pumpkin pie with real whipped cream... salivating now.. yum!

Marcia Scantlin

It's a toss up between stuffing and pumpkin pie. Yum. Great collection, too.

Margie Visnick

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is probably Green Bean Casserole...favorite sweet is pie (chocolate or caramel).

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