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July 10, 2012


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Bethany Becker

Gorgeous collection. My favorite Thanksgiving dishes are pumpkin pie and stuffing. Love them both. Thanks for the chance to win!


Love ALL of it <3 Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without sweet potato casserole kissed with the juice of Florida oranges and smothered in golden brown marshmallows <3

Angela A

Love this Country Pumpkin line! It reminds me of fall and all the beautiful colors that come along with it! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is hands down pumpkin pie. Can't get enough of it with homemade whipped cream on top!

Cindy deRosier

My favorite is anything involving sweet potatoes.


What an AHmazing collection! The stuffing is always my favorite.

julie e

cranberry orange relish - followed closely by pumpkin pie and my garlic rosemary mashed potatoes.


Mmmm, love this line! I love my stuffing at Thanksgiving.

Tasha Cosenza-Mechels

Fall is my favorite time of year and I can't wait to get my hands on this collection! :) My favorite Thanksgiving dish is everything. Okay, homemade apple pie :)

Miriam Prantner

Love! Very favorite sheet of paper: Ground Cinnamon, and I'm loving the soup labels too. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love this line! My favorite thanksgiving dish is pumpkin pie! Yum!


This is such a fabulous collection..i love the colors..my favorite dish is caramel custard !!!

Samantha Abbott

Thanksgiving is not complete without my moms homemade rolls, she has any grandkids who are there help her make them and the love in them makes them SO perfect! Just like these papers!!

Kathy Skou

My favorite dish is the leftover turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches we make the next day!

Laurel S

Love, love, love! Love the name as I am a sucker for pumpkin! My favorite Thanksgiving dish, besides pumpkin pie, is hubby's cranberry & sweet potato dish - and I am not usually a sweet potato fan!

Silvia Diaz

Love me some of this!!! Well we are hispanic so for me it is the "mojo" we use on the turkey...it's like pouring marinade on it after it's done cooking. YuM!


i love this collection, it's perfect for my little girls


This collection is yummy just like my favorite homemade cornbread stuffing at Thanksgiving...and don't forget the cranberry sauce!

Deanna Misner

super super cute line, Jill! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is anything with pumpkin in it, pumpkin pie is the best!

sandra m

Beautiful collection! My fave dish for T-day is Pumpkin pie.

Amy Alvis

Homemade noodles, yum!

LOVE the collection!

Becky Garrison

So cute! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the obvious ... turkey and dressing! Being a southern girl, we bake our dressing outside the bird, and it's so great as leftovers, too!

Rachele Hirsch

I am so in love with this new collection! We actually do all the normal Thanksgiving plated meals for Thanksgiving, but we also do an Italian dish to go along with the meal as well, but my all time favorite is mashed potatoes, and I'm partial to garlic mashed potatoes. Then again I think my favorite dishes are the ones that come out after the real meal - the Desserts!!

tami white

Ohh how I love theee!!! My fave Thanksgiving dish would have to be the pumpkin bread cake that my son and I make and devoure every year-YUMMY!


Gorgeous collection!! Love sweet potatoes and pecan pie!


This is definitely my type of colours! Such a wonderful collection! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Holland, but I love apple pie:)

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