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July 03, 2012


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Julie M.

These papers just make me happy and hungry to scrapbook.

Cindy Hoffmann Smith

Grandma's house had a front staircase and a back staircase. The back one (a tight spiral one) went up from the kitchen into the bedroom that my dad shared with his 2 brothers! Fun to play hide and seek in their house!


I love this collection! So feminine and lovely.

Wendy F

A beautiful collection! When I think of grandma's house I see...a huge vegetable garden, flowers everywhere, food on the table and a quilting rack set up in the living room. This collection reminds me of those things so much!

stacy allen

i am in love with this collection! everything about it is absolute perfection...the colors, the patterns, the embellishments! cannot wait to get my hands on this - the inspiration wheels are spinning already!

Stacie D

Love these papers! Baking with my Grandma is a favorite memory!

Marianne Squire Maszer

Love this as much as Homemade 6 Bean Soup! Thanks for chance to win! Good luck to all! Soup's on!

Marianne Squire Maszer

Grandma gave me a porcelain doll at her house, she passed when I was young.

Gina H.

This new collection has got to be one of my favorites! I used to spend a week in the summer at my grandma's and grandpa's house. She always remembered my favorite dinner and made sure she made it for me. And her molasses cookies were the absolute best!


What a great collection...perfectly suited for scrapping memories of Grandma! The "Grandmas closet" label reminded me of my Grandmas....every so often she would let us go in her large, chilly walk in closet(off her bedroom) and look at all the treasures she had kept over the years. I now have inherited some of those special items:) She was a wonderful grandma...so many good, cozy memories!

Monica F.

I ADORE these designs & collection. My favorite memory of Grandma's is sitting at the kids table at holiday or Sunday dinners and Christmas Day watching each cousin open their presents. We had so much fun!


I've lost my Grandmas and one when I was really young... about 3. But I remember her sitting in 'her' chair and letting me snuggle everytime I was there. I might not remember much about her but I know I miss her! Love this collection!!! :)

Anita Price

what a great collection! looking forward to this one!!!
My Grandmas houses were both very welcoming and comforting - I spent most of my summers with them, as did a lot of my cousins - we made our own summers camps! always lots of fun things to do. :)

Natalie (QSOgirl)

My grandma kept a bag of coloring/craft supplies in her closet of toys. It was my absolute favorite thing in that closet!


Oh love this collection!

And my favorite memorie... making a lot of jokes with grandpa, till grandma and I have tears in our eyes from laughing!

I miss him...


very nice collection, love the vintage floral feel

Angie Simonet

I loved spending time at my Grandma's house...so many things. She would make fluffy pancakes in the morning and she always had a package of fig newtons and she always made me feel like I was a special guest. I miss her lots... Love the new collection!

Montse Eback

Actually, the button paper made me remember a huge tin of buttons that my grandma had and I loved to play with while she sewed. Great collection, I love the bright colors as usual!

Debbie Hayslette

Awesome collection!!! My favorite memory of my grandmother was visiting on sundays and enjoying a home cooked meal...everthing from scratch.I can still smell those yummy yeast rolls. :)

Elizabeth T.

These are wonderful! I loved sitting on my grandma's front porch and shelling peas with her.

Cindy Keller

My best memories of my Grandma Crume's house are the love and attention that she gave me--the games we played, the cookies she baked and fed to me, the stories she read to me, and just getting to spend time with her in her home. It was always a treat! I miss her very much!

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