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July 03, 2012


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Iris S

I think (I am sure( that this will be your best collection ever! Love it all! My grandma was like my wecond mom:I actaullay lived there for a few years. She was this cool young grandma and she passed away 2 years ago (98 years old). RIP dear granny!

Samantha Abbott

OH MY GOSH I WANT THIS PAPER!!!!!! NOW! My favorite memory of my grandmother's house is that she always had out little bowls of chocolate covered nuts or candy when we went to her house...and she didn't mind if you ruined your lunch nibbling on them!

Rebecca W

Gorgeous collection!


What a colorful collection!!!
My grandma have a very sweet smelling kitchen cabinet lol


I've just e-mailed my LSS to beg them to get this collection in. LOVE love LOVE!!!


Gorgeous new collection! My cousins lived with my Grandparents, so I remember going over there for sleepovers.

Jeannine H.

Gorgeoue collection. I was trying to identify my favorite patterned and I had a difficult time picking just one. I really like the colors and the circles!

I also want to say thank you for your generous support of SCT. Their designers showcase your products beautifully!


This collection is fabulous...I can't wait to get my hands on it. One of my favorite memories of Gram's house was hanging out in the garden...picking & eating cherry tomatoes straight from the vine!

Karen smith

my grandma was the sweetest ! I loved spending Sundays with her. Her eyes were the color of the sky- one of our family traits!

ana frazee

my grandma lived with us but what i remember most is that her room was always so simply furnished. ps can't wait til i can pick these up at my LSS


Love this collection, the colors are perfect. I remember spending weekends with my grandma, garage sales, shopping, bunny pancakes, she was such an amazing woman, miss her sooo much!

Margie Visnick

I love this collection! Some of my favorite memories from my Grandma's house were from the memorial day picnics they used to have...we would play in the creek, eat tons of yummy food...

Shelley P.

I love the cardstock stickers and soup labels! And, of course, the paper and die-cuts make it a complete package.

Sue D

Great collection. Loved to visit grandma's house--she lived on a farm and I loved the animals and picking blackberries and watching her bake pies. Food was always great there.

Michelle Price

Love the button paper! It actually reminds me of my grandma-she had a stash of the best unique buttons and my cousins and I would make up games to play with them.

Shannon Blinn

WOW!!! There are just so many possibilities with this line. Well done!!!

Jean Marmo

LOVE the colors!! How do you come up with the names for your lines? LOVE THEM!


One of my favorite memories was sleeping in my Uncle John's bedroom. The windows were open & the fan was on because there was no air conditioning. I would wake up to the sound of morning doves. Whenever I hear their coos these days, I get such a cozy feeling.

Suzette Weber

Neither had a chance to meet either of my Grandmothers. My Mom's sister, my Aunt Margie, was my Grandmother. She made the best fried chicken! She had a booth in her kitchen, (yes like in a diner) and we would all sit and wait for her fried chicken! A lot of laughter in her home! I miss her!!

Isabelle Doucette

I'm in love with this collection!! Thanks for the chance to win, Jill!!

Sheri E.

We spent about 6 weeks every summer at my Grandma's house in the mountains for about 8 years. She had a huge garden, 100 apricot trees, and lots of places to play. To have all that time with her was precious. She also fed my need for books. This collection is just beautiful.

Melinda Wilson

Wow! I love this new collection and all the great colors to work with!


LOVE the colors used in this collection!!! My favorite memories of my Maw Ma include how she always had something set aside to give us...such as her special toasted bread, newspaper clippings, and she always was known for having her camera out taking pictures. Loved walking in her back door and seeing her...Miss you Maw Ma, more than you can imagine, would love to walk in your back door and see you!!

Diane Standish

this is my favorite so far!!!


Have been visiting my grandma on a weekly basis. But the most memorable thing is the playroom that was created just for the grandchildren. My grandma puts many snacks in that room too :D

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