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July 03, 2012


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Christine Maupin

I love this collection. I loved everything about going to my Grandmother's house. She was my favorite person in the whole world and she made everyone feel special.

mary pat

YIKES!!!! this collection is just way to pretty! Love it!

i LOVED to go to my grandparents house. they lived several blocks from our house and when i was old enough I would ride my bike just to say hi to them and hang out. I LOVED every minute in that house!


LOVE the whole collection!!! Fab job Yall!!! My fav memories of my grandmas house is playing in the mud with my sister as kids...we were covered from head to toe...we loved every minute of it!

Brenda B

Love this collection!
NO memories of grandma's house, because they passed away when I was too little to remember them.


Love this collection! My favorite memory of Grandma's house is that we grew up in the house she did, so it had a lot of history and a lot of memories. :) There was always a story to tell!


This collection is PERFECT!! I just lost my Grandma this past spring, I can't wait to scrapbook my memories of her with this collection. I miss our talks and her quiet strength.

Lacey Igo

Oh this line is so freaking cute!!! Love the Dry Lima Beans and Leek Bulb papers!!

Tasha Cosenza-Mechels

I love this collection. My grandmother passed away in December 2010 and I miss her every day. I used to spend my childhood summers with her in Brooklyn. I remember her fantastic Italian cooking and the way she'd listen to music from "the old days" on the radio every morning. I am a huge Rat Pack fan today for this very reason. She was truly the best Gram in the world!

kate blue

my grandmothers house was tiny! gave the word dollhouse new meaning :)

Stephanie Muzzulinh

OMG love this collection so fun!!!!

Megan A

omg I love this! I can see where all my money will be going again this season!

Barbara Miller

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 7. My Grandma took me aside and told me that it wasn't going to define me. On my bad days, she told me to keep my hands busy with my crafts and everything would be okay.

She was right.

Keri Postma

One of my favourite memories at my grandmothers was playing in the can cupboard and building things with all the cans! I am sure there was some lima bean cans in there also! A great collection that brings good memories a perfect combination!

Jasmine Ford

Cute collection! Love the doily prints and the button paper! favorite memory of grandmas's house....her peanut butter cookies and wandering around in her garden. She has the most beautiful rose bushes!


This collection is awesome!! At my grandma's I loved sitting at the kitchen table with her. She would always have crafts for me to do or paper to draw on. I miss her house as well as her cooking!


What a great collections. Wonderful colors. Favorite Grammy memory would be going on a bus with her downtown to Sanders to get icecream!

Izzy Anderson

Oh, my! GREAT new collection. My grandma was very crafty and what I remember most about her house was that there was always some project under way. I loved learning from her.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection! :) Oh the wonderful pages I could make of my Nanny with this. Thanks for the sneak peek and chance to win!

Stacy Buller

This collection is fantastic...great bold colors! I was lucky enough to live in the same town as my grandma growing up. A holiday isn't complete without making Yorkshire Pudding (popovers) in her memory.

Barbara Browne

I love this collection...would love a chance to win it.


She taught me about art and how to draw and how to sew. She was amazing! :)


The motifs in this paper line really do remind me of Grandma's house. I remember the crocheted doilies everywhere, the little ceramic animals on display, the hand pump in the kitchen for water, and her perfect dresses and her smile.

Samantha T

What a gorgeous collection! My grandma always had flavored soda in the fridge at her house, and it was such a treat!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

love it! My memory of grandmas house, was doing spelling homework with her, and watching Wheel of Fortune! lol!


I am loving this collection! My favorite memory is going to my grandma's and looking through all of her old yearbooks and other things. I still like to go to her house and sew with her : )

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