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August 10, 2012


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oooo exciting!
and congrats heather and Sandy!

Susan @ Designteamcalls.com

Ooh, how exciting!! We got it listed for you in our call listings at DesignTeamCalls.com!!

Best of luck to all!

Laurel S

Congrats to the winners! Yay for a DT Call!


Congrats Heather & Sandy!
I am PUMPED about the DT call!!!!


So exciting!! It would be amazing to be on your DT! Can't wait to see who makes it!!


Waaahooooo!!! So excited!


Congrats to the winners !!! So excited about the DT call !!

Jessica Shelton

Happy Friday!!!! Congrats to Sandy and Heather!! Enjoy that Fat Pack Sandy and Heather, your layout is magnificent!!! DT Call, huh? Interesting
Jessica S


Congrats Heather and what a great DT announcement!!! Might give it a try.

Jules The Bling Princess

Congrats to Sandy and Heather - what very lucky ladies! And I will definitely be sending in my submission for the DT call. I've been waiting all year for this. :-)

Alison Krogsgaard

I think it would be exciting, too! I'd love to be on your design team, but commitments right now won't allow it. Maybe one day I'll apply-I think the opportunity would be phenomenal!!

And, congrats to the winners. Yay!!


Just love the butterflies in Heather's layout! and oh my word a DT call.......


Hurrray!!!!! I know what I'm eorking on at tonights crop night :) what a dream DT && the announcements the day after my bday?! What a perfect present THAT would be! So excited!

Jeanne Pellerin

When is the submission deadline for DT? I LOVE Jillibean!!!

Cynthia B.

Exciting news - congrats to the winners, and good luck to all trying out for the DT.

One question: was there ever a winner picked for the June Jillibean sketch? I actually scrapbooked a page ;) so I'm curious.
Have a great weekend!


Wow, what a great opportunity! I would love to be on the jillibeanteam..I love your products and all those fabulous ideas!

Cathy Caines

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cannot believe my luck today... I was wondering how to get on this design team... now to find the perfect layouts!! Jillibean is my #1 inspiration so the style is 100% up my ally. SO EXCITING!

Mendi Yoshikawa

Yipee! I'm sooo excited to hear all the details! Thanks for the announcement and congrats to all the winners today! :)

Jessica Pascarella

Congrats to the winners! Let's see if I can work up the nerve for the DT search!

Annette Allen

yahoo...how exciting...

Sandy Liles

Oh my goodness! I won the fat pack. Eeeeek! I am squealing with excitement. Thank you so much

Denise K.

Hi! Could you please clarify the "2 layouts, 2 cards and/or 1 project"? The way that's written leaves room for multiple interpretation. Does this mean to read "2 layouts plus either 2 cards or 1 project"? or "either 2 layouts and 2 cards or 1 project"? or something else? I can't tell if I should be sending 2 creations, or 4, or 5. Thanks so much for clarifying :)

Tina Walker

Congrats to the winners and this announcement is SO exciting!

Christine Ousley

WooHoo!! You are right! I have been waiting for this announcement. Good luck everyone!
xoxo, Christine

leeann Pearce

Congrats to the winner!

Oh and yes please I love you guys!!!!

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