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August 17, 2012


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mary pat

I already bought them all! Just need to find the time to use them!! so exciting!!


Yes!! I have cameo and I love my cameo! Go to see the Jillibean shapes! Great great news!!

Melanie A.

I saw those this week and was so excited to see you guys!! Love my cameo!


Your butterflies!!!


Butterflies, I agree with Juliana!!!! And I have already grabbed the shapes and used the labels on a layout!!!! hugs, Katrina


Stop it! The last thing I need is another toy! But, as you're asking, the Jillibean daisies are just soooo cute, and the butterflies match them so well. An oval, and a scalloped oval for titles. You know where I'm going now......to price a Silhouette Cameo LOL

Laurel S

Aaak, I have been on the fence about a Cameo this just may put me over the edge!

Samantha T

I love silhouette and I love Jillibean! I'd love to see your adorable gnome in a cut meant to be sewn into a fabric one (just sayin'). I'd also love to see print & cut files of your Bean Sprouts and your Soup Labels. So excited to see your files over at the Sil store!

Avril Tanner

I was so excited to see the soup labels the other day in the Silhouette store! I would love to see some of your patterned papers, pea pod partss and cardstock sticker shapes added along with more of the soup labels! I am also crossing my fingers for lots of stuff from the Southern Chicken, Apple Cheddar and Watermelon Gazpacho lines!


Oh me oh my how fun for the soup label.. I must learn and have.. lol..

Diana Fisher

Heading there right now!!! Can't wait to see them — how fun! :)

Jenni Calma

I love my Cameo! So excited to see Jillibean in with the others!

Mendi Yoshikawa

I am over the moon excited about this new partnership with Silhouette! I went through my papers and here are a few of the shapes I would love to see (sorry for the long list)...

-Penguin (Christmas Eve Chowder)
-Chicken (Southern Chicken Dumpling)
-Jar with Fabric Topper & Butterfly set (Coconut Lime Soup)
-Telephone (Neopolitan Bean Bisque)
-Basic Circles & Ornate Labels from Peapod Parts Sheets.

For this last one, my favorite labels of yours are the blank ones where I can add the date, a little journaling or some stamping. I sort of hoard your bigger ornate labels, but sometimes I don't have the right color so being able to cut them out would be so cool! I also really love cutting files (more than print and cut) so whenever it's possible to make them in that format, it would be awesome! :)

P.S. Only 5 more days until school starts!!! ;)

Mendi Yoshikawa

Oops! I almost forgot...

A Jillibean font or two would be super cool too (especially to fill in when we run out of certain letters)! :)

Lisa Geraty

YAY! I love my Silhouette & can't wait to see all of Jillibean's shapes in there (yes, the fonts would be excellent).

Wendi K

This makes me so happy! I got a Cameo for my Birthday back in March and I am loving it. Now that I can buy Jillibean shapes I am loving it even more : )

mary s. - aka Big Mamma

I dont't have one but would love to!

Valerie M

So happy to hear this!! Off to check out the shop :)

Monique Liedtke

Now I know for sure I need a the Cameo!!!!

Melissa Elsner

Oh my heck this makes me so happy! Love my Cameo! Would love to see some print and cut images like the pea pod parts and soup labels!


I'm behind in my blog reading... just saw this and about had a heart attack. SO EXCITED!!!!


I am super excited about this I might just have to go buy a Cameo!

Mendi Yoshikawa

I finally played with the new print and cut labels and they are super fun--They cut out pretty slick and I got some good prints by using the Neenah Solar White cardstock. Love how I can fill a whole 8-1/2 x 11 sheet with them and try them in different sizes! Thanks again! :)

Jeanne Pellerin

FANTASTIC news!!!!!

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