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October 12, 2012


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Julie A. Shearer

Some yummy new winter paper would be awesome. I would love to win a mystery box. Thanks for a chance.

Michelle Brooks

I will take a guess and say "tortilla soup" which will be a Latin theme. Would love to see that on the shelves in time for Cinco De Mayo. Then I could scrapbook my cruise pictures.

Denise Mackey

I would love to see more travel papers. I love to scrap with suitcases, cameras, cityscapes, road signs!

Angela A

I an loving arrows right now,.fun color combinations, and little flags. I also love mystery boxes!


Maybe one day there will have handbag with your colors or page of scrap !

Annette Allen

Oh mystery boxes are great...more so when they are filled with Jillibean Soup...thanks...

Laura C - Michigan

I keep going back to my spring lines, the emerging spring flowers and brightness of the Coconut Lime line. The earth beginning anew type theme. It doesn't have to be cutesy at all. Just light and lively spring colors that makes you thankful winter is getting done (uh oh and it hasn't even snowed yet here in Michigan) LOL


My thoughts are that you keep on doing what you have been doing. I love all your designs and have loved everythng since you began.

Marcia Scantlin

How about something patriotic and summery? I love those watermelons from a few years ago.

Charlotte Brochu

I'm all about color! I love the bold, bright colors and patterns in papers! Jillibean has some of the best! Whatever you're planning, I know I'm going to want it!

Nancy L.

Exciting, thanks for the chance to win! Anything you make is always wonderful!


I love all of your clever ideas, but how about fresh, spring and pretty...
thanks for sharing


Always love your designs! How about some washi tape?

Renee VanEpps

I know what color trend I'm loving - deep navy blue!

Kathi Beck

I can't wait to see your new lines!! I agree with another poster, it's been a long time since there have been any new pet lines, I'd love some new pet paper but know I'll love any designs you creat. Wowzer...a mystery box! love love, love surprises! Thank you for the chance to win!

Julie Dionne

Mystery box - how exciting ! Makes you feel like a little kid at Christmas ! I would love to see some winter themed paper with lime green, orange, pink, teal - unusual colors for winter, other than the traditional white and blue.


I'm still loving the hexi, also loving wood stuff. I know the pie charts will be hot...but I'm not there yet. :D


My favorite trend right now is definitely chevrons...they make my heart skip a beat :)


Humm....*ALL* jillbean products are fantastic! I'd love to see more bold colors with a natural theme....trees, flowers, woodgrain, birds, butterflies, grass... Also, some Jillbean washi tape would be a dream come true :)

Melissa D.

A little mystery in life is good! I like the current trend of reverse cutting as well as the continues wood grain trend. I'd love to see a "homey" looking line and something with multisized polka dots.


I'd love to see what you guys do with a non-Kraft based Valentine's line, as well as a 4th of July/patriotic line.

Jennifer F

I love anything Kraft and vintage! Since winter is coming, a Kraft vintage winter line would be fun :)


I have a weakness for anything kraft! :)

Jamie Greene

I love chevrons and washi tape:) Please make some washi!!

Michele B

Love all your lines! love brown/greens/blues (I have two little boys :)

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