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October 04, 2013


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They are all soup names, some of them I would love to try)

Patricia Moussatche

Soups :) And Cold Avocado is a great one!


Soups! Love this collection!!! Thanks for a chance to win and Happy World Card Making Day!!!

Miriam Prantner

Soup! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beth E.

Soups! Thanks for a chance to win, love this collection!

Teresa Godines #6857

Soup. Which right now sounds yummy, Thanks for the chance. Happy Card making day everyone.


Named after soups!

Celeste B.

Soup! I love soup.

Anissa H.

Soup! Thanks for a chance to win.

Cheryl Proctor

They are all as yummy as the soups they named after!!


Soups!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Janet Zeppa

Named after soups! Thanks for a chance to win!



Lara Read

Soup of course! You should include recipes in the collections :)


SOUP!!! yummy yummy soup! : )

Denise Crosby

Soup! I love this one! Might have to make a trip to your warehouse area, is this one there? Well you know if I dont win. Thanks Jill!



Jamie Greene


Rachel V

Collections are all named after different soups! Makes me hungry! I love the Cold Avocado collection so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Kelly O

Different kinds of soup. I love that about all the collections.


SOUPS...and thanks to you i am always hungry when i read your blog and view your collections online
ANDDDDDDD i want to try all these soups too!!! YUM!!!

Cindy deRosier

You weren't kidding that it was a simple question! Soup, of course!


SOUPS is the answer !
Thanks for the chance to win !

Merri Lynn

soups--and they all usually sound yummy and they are great to work with for scrapbooking too!!!


Uummm... Could it be... Soups?! ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

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