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October 06, 2013


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Angela A

Thank you SCT! I would love to win this! I would use it all the time for sketches! What a great inspiration book!

Bethany Becker

My favorite season is Spring. I love when everything starts to bloom and it gets green again. Thanks for the chance to win!


Would love to win a copy...thank you for the chance!!!

Sandi Pressley

This is awesome and would be great to win. My favorite season is fall although the fall we have here in Florida is different than up north, the weather is wonderful and the beaches are empty.

gina o.

I would have to say spring as I love the sign of new life....it gives me hope. All the shades of color to be seen at that time are feasts for the eyes! Thanks so much for the chance!


Aj 318

I love fall most. Love the crisp bite in the air, the colors, end of the heat, sweaters, football and hockey, pumpkin and apple stuff.

Angie Simonet

Hands down it has to be fall; love the smells, sweaters, pumpkins, candy corn..ect :)

Tasha Hart

This would be awesome to win!

Sharron Bennett

I love Spring...it's beginning to get warmer, the trees and flowers are blooming...and I can start working in my garden again! Thanks for the chance to win!! Woohoo!!

Wendi R

my fave season is summer, LOVE the long warm days and being outside more.


Oh my what a GREAT prize! My favorite season is summer. Bright colors, long days and beautiful warm weather (I'm from Minnesota, so you know what I'm in for.)


Fab prize!!! My fave season is autumn - love the crisp, cool weather, crunchy leaves and layering the clothes.
Thanks for the chance to win!
Shanna :)

Court's Crafts

Definitely fall. I just bought two kinds of mulling spices and a big thing of cinnamon sticks!!! Apple cider here we come! (Has there been an apple cider soup yet?!? If not there should be!)


My favorite season is winter from a scrapping perspective. It's perfect for staying inside, warm and cozy to craft. It has so many things to scrap and craft for: Christmas cards, Christmas presents, calendars for the new year plus I love all the winter colors!


love fall!!

Kelly Massman

fall for me, too! i like earth tones, too!

Robin B.

I love fall! I live in michigan so I get to enjoy the beauty of the colorful leaves, cider mills and crisp air.

Veronika Galenko

I love spring)) sun, fresh air in my hair, first flowers and my birthday!

Erin M

Although I used to love fall for the colors, smells, and activities, I think my favorite season is summer. I love being off of work and home with my little man, enjoying warm weather, and camping!


My baby girl was born in fall so that is why I love fall most of all.
I LOVE that sketch right on the front! It's gonna be a fab book I can just tell! Thanks for a shot at winning it! :D

Lisa in Texas

My favorite season is definitely Fall! I love earth tones, cool crisp air, football and all the other fun fall things!

Jill Long

Fall is my favorite season! I love Fall colors and also Fall flavors -- apples, pumpkins, cinnamon and toasted marshmellows. I love that the weather is getting cooler and I can open the windows and let in fresh air!!

Anna Ekman

My favourite season is the one between winter and spring. Snow, ice and sun. Can't get better.

Deb Gerrits

Summer! Love the heat and bright colors!

Sandy Hentzel

This is a great prize! My favorite season is Fall. The colors and smells are wonderful! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day,
Scrapbook Blessings Club DT
A Working Mom's Joy

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