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June 24, 2014


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Barb Chmura

It is always interesting to see people's work spaces. Great space!

Kimberly Rodden

Thank you for sharing your space with us, and the whole world. Lol. The wall color is so wonderful, I agree I could create in there.

Bernice J

I'm drooling over the sneak peeks!


Gorgeous space! I love your galvanized spinner!!


Thanks for sharing your creative space with us.It's nice to have a room dedicated for that purpose.

Nikki C

Amazing Space you have and the chocolate brown on your walls with all the vintage works wonderfully :)


What a great space!!

Rebecca Ednie

I'd love to see more in the magazine!


Great space, love the wooden sign!

Patt H.

Love this space! Especially the "big brown Cabinet"!!


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I love your room and your creative space

good luck

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