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July 23, 2014


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Tammy MacMaster

Oh I love this stuff, so many uses, I love anything Kraft related!


Love the kraft color! I love the option to be able to color it myself.

Miriam Prantner

I'm LOVING the kraft tags especially the tag shaped ones and the funny notebook tags sound great too!

Kelly O

Awesome!!!! The tape and the circles definitely are my favs, but the file cards, notecards and tags will find their way into my stash too.

Tanya Sullivan

Kraft tape??? Seriously? All my wishes have come true!!

Missy Whidden

Oh, wow!! I love all of these! I think my favorite are the circles and triangles...oh my gosh! Must haves!

Heather Thompson

tons of goodies, I see some stuff I like!!!!!!

Nicole McNamara

The kraft circles and triangles, get in my shopping cart ASAP! Add the funny cards too!


Oooooh, loving all of these tags!!!! Must-haves!!

Paula DeRuntz

All I can say is "WOW" - Love them all! I love "office supply" types of embellishments, so these will be a must have for me!

Enna Maugeri

oh my gosh, love, love, love these :) but they will take forever to arrive in Australian stores


I absolutely LOVE this whole collection of kraft goodness, just want it all!!!!

Marcia scantlin

I love those Kraft die cuts, especially for those of us who don't have die cut machines.

Bethany Becker

I love the Kraft washi tape. All of the staples look great!


I always love working with kraft and these items all look gorgeous!

Lisa Hinson

The tags are really cute. I love that they are kraft.

Melinda Wilson

These are awesome and I can't wait for their release!!


Love those! Especially all the different Kraft bits & pieces, perfect for every kind of project!

Enza g

Wow!!! Love the collection! Thank you for the chance.


I definitely need these Staples in my pantry!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Wymore

Love, Love, Love!!!! I must have all the Kraft embellishments and all the tags!! I just love it all!!


I love them! Especially the files cards . . . so cute! There's something for every project here -- great job!

Julie Shearer

Oh my ... These are fabulous!!! I like to make cards and tags and these Kraft Tags are so cute! I love all of these Soup Staples! Thanks for a chance to win.


I life all the new kraft staples!!!

Amy Cooley

How cute! Love it all!

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